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5 Relaxation Techniques When It Seems That Everything Is Falling Apart

You suddenly receive the news that your loved one just died, or your long-time boyfriend decides to break up with you. Or say you are just informed that you were fired from your job.

It is hard to accept but sometimes, difficult and challenging times really come and happen to us. Most of the time, when we encounter these kinds of situation, we feel hopeless and miserable. And no matter how hard we try to think of the beauty around us or keep ourselves strong, we end up losing our strength and demeanor. We feel shattered and we think that it is difficult to start again.

But even when it seems that everything’s falling apart, we should always bear in mind that there is always hope for us. If you want to feel at ease after experiencing a major setback, here are some relaxation techniques that might help you to start getting back on track.

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How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Self

get in touch with your inner self

Have you ever wondered who you really are? What are the things that make you an individual? We all have our social identities; you may be a loving partner in a relationship, a caring parent to your kids or a hard working employee, but these are … [Continue reading]

7 Ways To Let Go Of Your Past Mistakes – Once And For All

let go of your past mistakes

According to Ajahn Chah, a Buddhist writer, letting go a little will give you little peace while letting go a lot will give you a lot of peace. Some of us hold on to past mistakes committed long after they happened. Some even hold on to them for … [Continue reading]

9 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Sadness And Improve Your Mood

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What Can Cause Early Morning Headaches

early morning headache causes

Early morning headache causes disruption in your activities and an awful way to begin your day. You experience headache because your body has the lowest quantity of natural analgesics from four to eight o’clock in the morning. Research reveals that … [Continue reading]

Prevention, Cure And Causes Of Stiff Neck In Morning

stiff neck in morning

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Top 15 Fruits And Vegetables For Energy BOOST

red pepper - vegetables for energy boost

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Good Foods To Eat When Dehydrated

celery - good food to eat when dehydrated

What is dehydration? The human body is composed of around 60 to 70 percent of water in weight. When the water content of the body dips lower than that, dehydration can occur. This happens when the amount of water lost through excretion is more than … [Continue reading]

How To Help Your Girlfriend Relieve Stress – TO HAVE and TO HOLD

help your girlfriend relieve stress

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14 Ways To Help Your Boyfriend Deal With Stress

help your boyfriend deal with stress

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Mental Health Benefits Of Walking – Go For a Walk and Your Brain Will Benefit Greatly

mental health benefits of walking

You've probably heard it a hundred times that walking is excellent for the body for it is often called the “perfect exercise.” It may seem astonishing it how walking can be so energizing and revitalizing to one’s body. In addition, mental health … [Continue reading]