18 Fruits That Kill Stress: Banish Fatigue With These Superfruits

fruits that kill stress

Our daily grind definitely tires us and causes stress. When we feel stressed, our cortisol levels rise and our body’s natural reaction is to reach for carbohydrate-rich foods, especially sweets and desserts. But that is not a healthy habit - and it … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: Stop Headache Through The Most Important Pressure Point On Hand

pressure point on hand to stop headaches

It may seem improbable, doubtful, or even absurd at first thought, but there is one unusual method which can help stop headache quickly. It doesn't involve a special type of head massage or medicinal intake. It isn’t too difficult or complicated to … [Continue reading]

8 Fun And Simple Ways To Relax Under Stress

relax under stress

Everyone experiences some kind of stress every day. You get stuck in traffic. You come in late to work. You miss your deadline. And you have a mountain of bills to pay. Stress can either be a positive or a negative stimulus. It actually depends on … [Continue reading]

8 Ways To Relax Without Feeling Guilty

relax without feeling guilty

It is a fact that you will perform better and feel less exhausted if you take some time off from your regular routine. However, many people feel awkward and embarrassed about taking a rest from their regular schedule, even if it results to feeling … [Continue reading]

How To Truly Love Yourself : 8 Steps You Need To Take To Love Yourself More

how to truly love yourself

Anyone can be amazing and everyone sees the rays of light, genius and love whenever they look at you. The secret is to shift from self loathing to self love. Happy and successful people have based their lives on a series of critical decisions that … [Continue reading]

How To Sleep Better: 14 Relaxation Techniques To Improve Sleep

relaxation technique for sleep

Nowadays, more and more people are having difficulty falling and staying asleep. Luckily, there are some effective relaxation techniques to improve sleep and help you get rid of sleeping difficulties.People who have difficulty getting sleep can … [Continue reading]

10 Ways To Attract Positive People Into Your Life

attract positive people into your life

The people we associate with make all the difference in our lives. Studies show that when you spend more time with people who are pursuing the same goals as you, you will also make progress towards your goals and enjoy greater success. Therefore, it … [Continue reading]