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11 Good Reasons To Cry. How Crying Relieves Stress And Improves Your Health

Does crying relieve stress? The answer is yes. It seems natural to feel embarrassed when you cry and some people may think of you as a weak person. But there’s more to it than feeling sad because crying relieves stress and makes you feel better. Crying is free and anyone can do it.

There are no side effects when you cry but it will certainly make your eyes red with tears running down on your cheeks. Crying is not a popular drug but studies show that it’s very effective in making you feel better.

Based on studies, scientists found out that our tears are made up of different compounds when we produce specific type of tears such as emotional tears from sadness or regular eye watering caused by chopping onions.

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7 Effective Relaxation Exercises To Relieve Mental Tensions (Videos)

relaxation exercises

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7 Up And 4 Downsides Of Talking To Yourself Out Loud

talking to yourself out loud

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7 Practical Ways To Deal With Emotional Stress

deal with emotional stress

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Causes And Solutions For Lower Back Pain After Sleeping

lower back pain after sleeping

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16 Effective Stress Busters Everyone Should Know

stress busters

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6 Health Benefits Of Taking A Cold Shower

the health benefits of taking a cold shower

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10 Tips On How To Have A Stress Free Workday Morning

stress free workday morning

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9 Tips On How To Wake Up Quickly In The Morning

how to wake up quickly in the morning

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5 Relaxation Techniques When It Seems That Everything Is Falling Apart

feels like everything is falling apart

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How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Self

get in touch with your inner self

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