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10 Great Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

health benefits of painting and drawing

Painting and drawing are two very enjoyable activities. As creative outputs, these are fairly easy to do and wouldn’t require very expensive tools. One can simply have a pencil or paintbrush and a notebook to begin making his artworks.

Because painting and drawing are very accessible and interesting tasks to perform, many people choose to paint or draw during their free time. Some can even spend several hours to create art. However, more than just being favorite pastimes, there are many health benefits of painting and drawing. [Continue reading]

11 Effective Tips On How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

attract positive energy into your life

We always have a choice; to be in resistance or to be at peace. When we resist we create negative energy which reflects back at our being. However, peace and contentment attract positive energy (thoughts, feelings and vibrations). Therefore, if we … [Continue reading]

INFOGRAPHIC: Are You Happy!?

infographic are you happy

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16 Natural Home Remedies For Headaches That Work

natural home remedies for headaches that work

Nowadays, migraines and headaches are common. Migraines are usually caused by diet, menstruation, heredity, stress and other factors. Headaches can be acquired from stress at work and the environment that you live in.Some people experience … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: No 1 Exercise To Self Massage Your Lower Back. Learn How To Massage Away Lower Back Pain

self massage your lower back

If you find yourself experiencing lower back pain that isn't a medical emergency or doesn't serve as an underlying symptom to any medical condition, here is a way to relieve yourself.Most cases of lower back pain may be relieved by ice packs, … [Continue reading]

INFOGRAPHIC: Science Says You Have Time For Happiness

infographic happiness

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How To Relax Before A Big Presentation: Special Tips And Techniques

how to relax before a big presentation

Performing, presenting, and/or speaking in front of a crowd can be difficult. Some presenters suffer from performance anxiety, experiencing symptoms like rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, difficulty with breathing, and nausea before they go on … [Continue reading]

10 Inspiring Tips On How To Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy

Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy

There are many people who are always wondering why other people’s lives go right and are fulfilled while their own lives are rich with discontent and misery. It’s natural for humans to ponder these things because life is all about dealing with ups … [Continue reading]

9 Magnificent Health Benefits Of Knitting

knitting keeps you calm and happy

Knitting has many health benefits. While most people consider it the perfect hobby to create early Christmas presents (such as toys, sweaters, bonnets, and gloves), its repetitive movements serve as an exercise for the hands’ joints and muscles. In … [Continue reading]

16 Ways To Get More Restful Sleep

ways to get more restful sleep

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, it is easy to take sleep for granted. It’s normal to see a number of young professionals rush to the office so early in the morning and come home during the wee hours at night. It is also common to see work being … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Easy To Find Stress Soothing Foods

top stress soothing foods

When stressed, most people automatically go for their comfort food. You may be one of those people who would automatically reach for a burger with fries and a milkshake whenever work gets too much to handle. Or perhaps when things become problematic … [Continue reading]