Wrist–Risk Reduction: 6 Wrist Pain Exercises For Mouse/Keyboard Users

wrist pain exercises for mouse/keyboard users

From its broad capacity to store different data and information to its ability to perform or support almost all human tasks, it is evident that people nowadays are fully dependent on the efficiency of computers. Businesses, especially large companies and corporations, store vast amount of facts and figures to the extent that jobs for just encoding these data have been opened for people who have good typing skills. These employees, including the other typical white-collar workers in companies, spend most of their working hours facing their desktops records.

If you’re one of them, you had probably experienced at some point in your working life an excruciating pain on your wrist due to the tons of encoding work waiting at your desk at work and even in your home. Did you know that this might lead to a very serious condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome?

It is estimated that each year, more than 250,000 carpal tunnel surgeries are performed in the U.S. alone, and 47% of these are work-related. So if you’ve been feeling a little tingling sensation, a sudden numbness, or a sharp shooting pain on your wrists lately, keep your worries away. There are some simple wrist pain exercises for mouse/keyboard users that you can do even though you are facing a ton of typing or encoding work on a daily basis. [Continue reading]

A Guide On How To Let Go Of Resentment And Relax Your Mind From Anger

relax your mind from anger

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8 Effective Ways To Relieve Headaches After Crying

relieve headaches after crying

Tears are a combination of mucus, oil and water coming out of tear ducts in your eyes. Whenever you cry, these tears make their way through the sides of your eyelids. They even go through the nasal cavity, which explains why you also have a runny … [Continue reading]

18 Fruits That Kill Stress: Banish Fatigue With These Superfruits

fruits that kill stress

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VIDEO: Stop Headache Through The Most Important Pressure Point On Hand

pressure point on hand to stop headaches

It may seem improbable, doubtful, or even absurd at first thought, but there is one unusual method which can help stop headache quickly. It doesn't involve a special type of head massage or medicinal intake. It isn’t too difficult or complicated to … [Continue reading]

8 Fun And Simple Ways To Relax Under Stress

relax under stress

Everyone experiences some kind of stress every day. You get stuck in traffic. You come in late to work. You miss your deadline. And you have a mountain of bills to pay. Stress can either be a positive or a negative stimulus. It actually depends on … [Continue reading]

8 Ways To Relax Without Feeling Guilty

relax without feeling guilty

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