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Prevention, Cure And Causes Of Stiff Neck In Morning

You had a good night’s sleep, and just when you are about to start your day, you wake up with a throbbing pain in your neck. You can’t move it around, and when somebody calls you, you need to move your whole body to face that direction. Any sudden twist is sure to cause immense pain. There’s no doubt about it; you have what is called a stiff neck.

A stiff neck is the soreness and stiffness felt in the areas surrounding the neck. This is usually first felt in the morning upon waking up. Waking up in the morning with a stiff neck is not only painful but is also a sure way to ruin your day and foul your mood. Most of the time, people are left wondering what the causes of stiff neck in morning are, and the actual reason can range from being trivial to being serious. Most people dismiss it as an awkward positioning during sleep, and most of the time, they are right, but it could also have other causes. Knowing the causes of stiff neck in morning can help prevent or at least mitigate the pain it can cause you.

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