How to avoid morning stress

It is very important to have a stress free morning – a day that starts well, ends well. Here are very simple and effective techniques to avoid morning stress.

9 simple techniques to avoid morning stress

Avoid morning stress with balanced breakfast

Create an evening and morning routine

This is a great way to avoid morning stress and feel fresh in the morning. Here are some ideas you can do – put your clothes ready, think about eat you will eat in the morning and find your keys and wallet. These simple preparations will save you time and prevent stress in the morning.

Make a list

Another great way to avoid morning stress is to make a list of all the things you have to do in the morning. Then prioritize and prepare a timetable. Start your morning with the most important tasks. In case you do not manage to do everything, it will not be a morning stress factor, since those things will be with low priority.

Plan a realistic day

Planning ahead is very important if you want to avoid morning stress. Write down or think through everything that has to be done. Do not set unrealistic goals, leave enough time for every activity. Try to schedule also something you love. You will have less morning stress if there is something to look forward to.

Get a good night’s sleep

It is pretty obvious – if you get enough sleep you are not tired and stressed in the morning. Here is a great article about how to relax before bed and proper sleeping posture.

Drink tea and water in the morning

When you wake up drink a glass of water first thing. A hydrated body is much more efficient. Read also about health benefits of drinking water.

Instead of coffee, drink green tea. Green tea is a great stress reliever and it helps you to stay calm.

Do some stretching exercises in the shower

Stretching is a great way to release tensions and avoid morning stress. It helps you to start your day feeling more relaxed. Stretching gets your blood flowing and helps your body to wake up. Hot water is helping your muscles to loosen up, so it is easier to get a good stretch. Feeling good physically helps feeling good mentally.

Put some happy music on

Music has been shown to reduce stress overall and have a positive effect on health. Listen to music that makes you happy while you go through your morning routine.

Eat a balanced breakfast

Healthy meal in the morning helps to balance your blood sugar and gives you the strength to overcome any stressful situations. Remember to have plenty of protein and fruit!

Take a morning walk

To avoid morning stress it is wise to plan some time also for morning walk. Walking has many, many health benefits. A morning walk can get you ready for your day. Walking lowers your stress level, and reduces your risk of other health conditions.

Be optimistic

If you believe that you will have a good day ahead, then YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD DAY AHEAD.

How do you avoid morning stress? Let us know in the comments below.

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