How to calm down when stressed

How often do you hear a question in your head: “How to calm down when stressed?”

Here are the most powerful and easy relaxation techniques that work instantly and help you to calm down when stressed.

How to calm down when stressed – 7 most powerful and easy relaxation techniques

How to calm down when stressed - smile
How to calm down when stressed – just smile

Leave and give yourself couple of minutes to calm down. Literally leave the room. Go to another room or take a small walk outside. After couple of minutes you will feel refreshed and calm.

Practice deep breathing. Slow your breath down and take 10 deep breaths. Exhale as slowly as you can. Here is a great article about deep breathing exercises that help you to calm down.

Close your eyes and use imagination. Gently let the world disappear. Imagination helps you to look at stressful situation from another angle.

Practice positive talk to calm down. Repeat some positive phrases like “I can do it” or “ It does not bother me”. Positive talk will help you to feel confident again.

Smile. Smiling is easy, it’s free and it’s very effective. You will feel calmer in a matter of seconds. Smiling really has a large impact on stress relief and relaxation.

Listen to your favorite song. Music has been with us for a long time and is a great entertainment and relaxation format. While listening your favorite song, think back about good memories related to that song.

Think about good things. Think about the things in your life that you love and appreciate. It is amazing how true gratitude and appreciation will overshadow any negative feelings you may have.

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