What are relaxing colors

Colors of nature and rainbow can be considered as relaxing colors

Different colors have different meanings and they promote different feelings – some are relaxing colors and promote calmness, some aggressive colors and promote action. It is wise to choose colors based on your stage of life and coals that you want to achieve.

Relaxing colors

Here is a list of widely used colors that can be considered as relaxing colors. Use those colors if you want to add some calmness to your life and promote relaxation.

Green is a very relaxing color. It promotes calmness, relaxation, harmony and safety. The main reason behind those values comes from the association with nature. Use green if you want to find balance and peace in your life. Look at green things when you feel stressed or angry but want to feel relaxed and calm.

Blue is another magnificent color that can be used for relaxation and stress relief. Blue stands for calmness, loyalty, dreams and infinity. Use blue if you are looking form calmness, relaxation, openness and new perspective.

Purple is not so widely used as a relaxing color but it has some relaxant properties. Purple promotes spirituality and promotes life balance, imagination and wisdom. Based on those values we can say that purple has its rightful place among relaxing colors.

White stands for freshness and new beginning. It is a color of truth, hope and dreams. All those values promote relaxation and calmness.

Not so relaxing colors

Here is a list of widely used colors that cannot be considered as relaxing colors. But do not think about these colors as „bad colors“. They just have different purpose and characteristics.

Red is all about passion, aggressiveness, energy and even drama. Use red color if you want to increase your energy level, keep your mind sharp or add some action into your life.

Orange is another stimulating color. It is associated with inspiration, positive feelings and friendliness. Orange is suitable for you in case you want to enhance creativity and spice things up.

Black color symbolizes boldness and sexiness. Black is great for accessories but should not be used for large areas. Too much black can create depressive feelings.

Now look at your surroundings at home or in the office. Are you surrounded with relaxing colors? In case you need some calmness in your life, maybe it is a right time to do some redecoration and surround yourself with relaxing colors.

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