6 ways to boost your mood instantly

Most probably you have experienced bad mood once in a while. But how often have you thought about different ways to boost you mood. In this post we will share with you 6 ways to boost your mood instantly. Try these tips and let us know what works best for you. 6 ways to boost […]

How sitting down is killing you (infographic)

Check out this amazing infographic about how sitting down is killing you. The real truth about sitting down will be revealed. Please take couple of minutes and read it through. Hopefully these facts will scare you enough to inspire you to exercise more and sit less. The best thing you can do is to move […]

How to improve self discipline

How to improve self discipline is an important question for people who mainly act according to their emotions. Very often those decisions are not the best ones and not really thought through. To increase decision quality and improve outcome, emotional people should follow these steps to improve self discipline. A short conclusion about how to […]

Simple stress prevention tips you can adopt to your everyday life

The best way to fight stress is to prevent stress. Here is a list of six simple stress prevention tips you can adopt to your everyday life. By following these simple yet effective stress prevention tips you ensure yourself a better and more relaxed life. 6 simple stress prevention tips 1. Accept the things you […]

Health benefits of smiling

Smiling is the easiest way to make your life better and improve the life of people that surround you. Hopefully this article about health benefits of smiling gives you at least five good reasons to smile more often and enjoy life even more. 5 most important health benefits of smiling 1. Smiling makes you feel […]

How To Clear Your Thoughts Before Bed

If you bring your worries and problems into bed with you at night you will not get the rest you need. To fall asleep instantly and get enough rest you have to clear your thoughts before bed. Here are some techniques you can use in order to clear your thoughts before bed. 4 Simple Tips […]

Great at home stress relievers

Here are some simple at home stress relievers you can implement to improve your life, feel more relaxed and create a calming environment around you. 4 at home stress relievers that really work Relieve stress by brightening up your home There are two ways a mini makeover can relieve stress. A mini makeover of your […]

How to have a positive attitude in the workplace

If you have a positive attitude in the workplace, you are much more relaxed and work related stress is not something that concerns you. Follow those simple tips and you will see how work related stress is melting away. 5 tips to have a positive attitude in the workplace Create a positive workplace environment This […]

Instant stress relievers at work

It is no secret, that work can cause stress. If you want to avoid or at least minimize work related stress, it is suggested that you use stress relievers at work. Stress relievers at work are like breaths of fresh air. They give you additional energy, calm your mind and sharpen your brain. In this […]