Health benefits of smiling

Smile and enjoy the health benefits of smiling

Smiling is the easiest way to make your life better and improve the life of people that surround you. Hopefully this article about health benefits of smiling gives you at least five good reasons to smile more often and enjoy life even more.

5 most important health benefits of smiling

1. Smiling makes you feel better and improves you mood – it is a proven fact

Positive and happy people tend to have better health and they tend to be more successful in life. So, when we talk about the health benefits of smiling, we have to talk about mood and overall well being. The easiest way to boost your mood and overall health is to smile as often as possible. Express your positive feelings and smile. When you are feeling down, find something positive and smile. It is a proven fact, that smiling makes you feel better and after a smile your mood will go up. Believe it or not, but even a fake smile can make you feel better.

2. Smiling is a great stress reliever

Smiling really is the most natural and easy way to relieve stress. When you feel that stress is taking over, it is time to take one or two minutes and smile. Find something positive or funny (picture, video or some good memories from the past) and let yourself go – smile and laugh. In a couple of minutes you will be less stressed and ready to go on.

3. Health benefits of smiling – improved immune system

If you tend to catch cold very often, try to smile more often. As mentioned before, smiling reduces stress and makes you feel more relaxed. Relaxed body is stronger and more willing to fight illnesses.

4. Smiling is a natural pain killer

Many studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins. Endorphins are known also as body’s own pain killers.

5. Smiling makes you look better and younger

This one is not directly related to health benefits of smiling, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger. When smiling, you use muscles that lift your face and make you look younger.

So, here were the most important health benefits of smiling. Hopefully you found a reason to smile a bit more from now on. How smiling makes you feel? Share your thought!

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    I firmly believe smiling is one of the simplest ways to bring yourself good health, be it physically or emotionally. Who would ever think that smiling could be better than a couple of paracetamol?

    Smiling is good for you!

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