How To Clear Your Thoughts Before Bed

Clear your thoughts before bed and enjoy sleeping

If you bring your worries and problems into bed with you at night you will not get the rest you need. To fall asleep instantly and get enough rest you have to clear your thoughts before bed.

Here are some techniques you can use in order to clear your thoughts before bed.

4 Simple Tips To Clear Your Thoughts Before Bed

1. Take time to wind down to clear your thoughts before bed

Winding down before bed is probably the best way to clear your mind from disturbing thoughts. It is suggested to wind down at least 30 to 45 minutes before bed. During that time you should ban yourself from anything that might be stimulating, like computer or TV. If you have to watch TV, do not watch anything too stimulating or stressful.

Your body likes routine. By creating a ritual before bedtime, you create a clear association between certain activities, routines and sleep.

2. Write down everything that is bothering you — earlier in the day

Write your problems down. If you have an issue and you just can´t release it from your mind – write it down. Write down a few solutions as well. Writing down will lessen the amount of time that you obsess over your concerns and helps you to clear your thoughts before bed.

Avoid writing down your list just before bedtime. It is important to have enough separation from your thoughts at night.

3. Visualization is a great way to clear your thoughts before bed

Instead of thinking about many different stressors you may be facing, try to imagine your favorite place or situation. Bringing in positive feelings before bed will help you fall asleep much faster.

4. Focus on the positive

Do not make the mistake of thinking about your daily concerns and worries as you try to fall asleep – those concerns and worries will be with you in the morning as well. Focus on good memories and happy events. You will fall asleep faster and you will have better mood in the morning.

Here is a simple relaxation exercise that helps you to clear your thoughts before bed.

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How to you clear your thoughts before bed? Let us know and write a comment!

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