How to improve self discipline

How to improve self discipline - make yourself a promise and believe in yourself

How to improve self discipline is an important question for people who mainly act according to their emotions. Very often those decisions are not the best ones and not really thought through. To increase decision quality and improve outcome, emotional people should follow these steps to improve self discipline.

A short conclusion about how to improve self discipline would be: figure out what you want, make yourself a promise, take one step at a time, reward yourself, overcome your weak moments and adjust your lifestyle.

How to improve self discipline – 6 most important steps you have to take

1. To improve self discipline you have to know what you want

You should have a thought through plan. The best way to think through your plan is to write it down. Then leave it for couple of days and read it again. Most probably you want to change something. If you have a plan in place, make a to-do list. Just keep in mind not to overload your list. Just add some steps and smaller goals. This ensures that you will stay motivated for longer period of time.

2. Make yourself a promise

It is not enough to just write down your goals. To improve self discipline you have to commit to your plan. Make yourself a promise and don´t break it.

3. Start small and take one step at a time

To improve self discipline you have to start from small things. Start from the things you think you can accomplish. Reward yourself after every accomplishment. Another thing you have to is to take one step at a time. Pick one thing to work on and finish it before you start another one.

4. Reward yourself

To keep yourself motivated, you have to reward yourself after every small achievement. Pick something you like and reward yourself with it. Rewarding yourself reinforces good and productive behavior. It is much easier to stay disciplined when you have something good to wait for.

5. Overcome your weak moments and take small breaks

The hardest part in self discipline improvement is to overcome the weak moments. If you feel that you are tired, take a small break. Just keep one thing in mind – don´t destroy your achievements you have had so far. You can even take regular breaks to avoid total collapse.

6. Adjust your lifestyle

The changes and commitments you have made, have to fit to your lifestyle. Most probably there is a need to adjust your lifestyle to support your goal to improve self discipline. There are some things you have to give up and some new things you have to implement. Those changes can be either mind related (positive thinking) or body related (healthier lifestyle). In any case, it is vise to make the lifestyle adjustments step by step.

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