Instant stress relievers at work

stress balls are great stress relievers at work

It is no secret, that work can cause stress. If you want to avoid or at least minimize work related stress, it is suggested that you use stress relievers at work. Stress relievers at work are like breaths of fresh air. They give you additional energy, calm your mind and sharpen your brain.

In this article, you will find a fine selection of ideas about what to use as stress relievers at work.

Great and instant stress relievers at work

Stress balls help you to relieve tensions

Stress balls are really simple and good stress relievers you can use at work. To achieve progressive relaxation, you have to breathe deeply while squeezing the stress ball. By squeezing and releasing the stress ball, you relieve tensions from all the muscles of your body. Squeezing the stress ball has also another stress relief effect – it gives your mind something else to do and clears your mind from stressful thoughts.

Stress balls may also help in the prevention or treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Sounds of nature help to escape from work related stress

Sounds of nature cannot be ignored when talking about good stress relievers at work. Put on your headphones and listen to the sounds of forest or sea. Nature sounds create a calm, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to escape from the work related stress. The sounds of nature are the ultimate stress relief for most people. The soothing sounds of nature are also a great way to silence distractive and disruptive outside noises.

Stress relief games can be good stress relievers at work

Stress relief games work in the way very similar to meditation and yoga. When you play a game, you are focusing on the sounds, visuals and goals – not on the stressful thoughts. All your attention goes to the game and lets your brain to rest from stress.

Here are some games that work well as stress relievers at work:

  • The word games, like crosswords, are considered as the best games for stress relief.
  • Sudoku, if you love to fiddle with numbers.
  • On-line games, like paint-ball.

Tea has a lot of benefits and stress relief qualities

By drinking tea, you can increase your brain power and improve your mental state. Different teas can be used as excellent stress relievers at work.

  • Tea can help you to relax so you are able to concentrate more on your tasks. Tea calms your mind but at the same time helps you to stay more alert.
  • Tea lowers the chance of having cognitive impairment (green tea).
  • Tea is a great stress reliever (black tea).
  • Tea helps you to overcome tensions, headaches and even insomnia (red tea).
  • In short terms, tea can help you to sharpen your memory.

Do you use different stress relievers at work? What works best for you? Share your thoughts and experiences with our readers and write a comment.

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