How to Destress Yourself

Very often our daily challenges lead to certain degree of stress and tension. Here are 15 simple ways to destress yourself. Try those tips and you will experience much less stress in your life, or at least the stress will not bother you that much. Pick the ones you like the most and incorporate them to your daily routine to destress yourself.

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15 Easy Ways to Destress Yourself

1. A little innocent flirtation can do the trick

Most probably you know somebody you like. A little innocent flirt with him or her is a great way to destress yourself and clear your mind from negative thoughts. Go and talk with that person, send an email or make a phone call. A little flirtation is a great way to brighten up your day.

2. Wake up earlier

Wake up earlier and use it for relaxation. Don´t do anything, just take those ten minutes and spend them to yourself. Do not think about upcoming day or anything else that is bothering you. Simply sit quietly and enjoy the moment. You can take those ten minutes right after you wake up or before you leave home. In any case, waking up a little bit earlier gives you time to destress yourself for the upcoming day. Read also about how to feel fresh in the morning.

3. Massage your ears

The ear massage is a great and fast way to destress yourself. It releases endorphins and makes you feel better. It takes only a few minutes and the effect is instant. Learn more about ear massage.

4. Try visualization

Visualization is another quick way to destress yourself. Close your eyes and think about something you really like. Live in that moment for a few minutes. You will feel the positive effect right after you open your eyes. Read also about the health benefits of visualization and visualization exercises.

5. Correct your posture

Next time you feel down, correct your posture. Put a smile to your face and sit or stand up straight. The way you sit and stand affects how you feel. When your posture is bad, it is hard to feel good. Notice and correct your posture to destress yourself.

6. Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing has a lot of health benefits. One of them is stress reduction. Take couple of deep breaths and you will feel better instantly. Destress yourself with these deep breathing exercises.

7. Use stress relief products

Surprise, surprise. It seems rather obvious to use stress relief products to destress yourself but people tend to forget about it. Destress yourself by squeezing a stress ball. Stress balls release tensions from your muscles and the squeezing activity takes your mind off from negative thoughts. You can also use relaxation mat to destress yourself after a hard day at work.

8. Laugh it out

Laughter has been proven to improve blood flow and lower tension. It can helpful to laugh at work, read a funny joke in your email, or listen to some standup comedy. Laugh at home with a funny movie, or hang out with a funny friend.

9. Write it down

Writing down your thoughts, or whatever is on your mind is a great way to destress yourself. Don’t worry about not being the best writer, these words are for your eyes only. Write in a journal or use a writing program on the computer. Just write about what stresses you and come up with the positive ways to eliminate it.

10. Exercise it away

Did you ever have so much pent up stress you wanted to shout? Do just that while you work out. Punch a gym bag, run on a treadmill or outside, do pushups or follow an exercise video at home. Exercise is a great way to destress yourself and it can improve your mood for 12 hours or more.

11. Walk outdoors

Being pent up in a cubicle or office walls can really drag down a person. Take that 15-minute break outside and walk around. Don’t limit yourself to the parking lot. Walk around the building and maybe take a stroll to the nearby park. Fresh air awakens your body and walking helps clear any stressful thoughts from your mind. Walking is a truly healthy way to destress yourself.

12. Drink relaxing tea

Coffee and sodas have too much caffeine to relax a person. Opt for chamomile or chrysanthemum tea in your coffee mug. Chamomile is very relaxing, and the herbs help to destress and ease away the tension. Chrysanthemum tea is a cooling tea and helps your blood pressure to lower.

13. Read a haiku or poem

Just like writing, reading a book of poems can also help you to destress yourself. Take a minute after each poem to reflect on its meaning. Get a feeling for how it affects you. Allowing your mind to be taken away with thoughtful reading helps relieve stress and gets creativity flowing.

14. Try some aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be done anywhere without the essential oils. For instance, take an orange peel and grind the rind in your hand. Draw the scent in deep, paced breaths. This scent will rejuvenate and change your mood.

15. Pet your dog or cat

Snuggle up with your pooch or kitty and cuddle them. Don’t settle for just a simple pat on the head, get your furry friend in your lap and show them the attention they deserve. You’d be surprised at how much this affection can relax you.

You are more than welcome to share your knowledge – how to you destress yourself. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. stefanos says

    Great list!!!! Herbal teas (lemon balm , chamomile, lavender,hops) and walks in the park are my favorites. I also take rhodiola rosea every day. It really keeps stress away!!! I strongly recommend it.

  2. Natalia says

    Great post – thank you! Here are some very good tips that look very promising in terms of how to destress yourself. I will try visualization and deep breathing.

  3. Shop says

    I think it is helpful to consider “being” whenever we can throughout the day versus constant “doing”. That means slowing down when you are between tasks, where the spaces are in our day. Listen and notice whenever you can

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