Benefits of hugging a tree

Benefits of hugging a tree panda
Panda knows the benefits of hugging a tree. Great vintage poster for Brookfield Zoo

Have you ever thought about hugging a tree? Most probably you have, as you you are here and point interest in the benefits of hugging a tree.

Some people believe that the benefits of hugging a tree mostly depend on what you believe in – maybe. But there are some common characteristics we can point out.

Top 3 benefits of hugging a tree

1. Trees are fresh air factories

Tree leaves remove the dust from the air and provide us with clean air. While hugging a tree you are standing under the “fresh air factory”. Where else would you get the freshest air if not under a tree. And fresh air has a lot of health benefits – here is a good article about the health benefits of fresh air.

2. Trees fill you with positive energy

Energy exchange is another important benefit of hugging a tree. Trees take negative energy from you and replace it with a positive one. Hug a tree as long as you feel that your body is recharged with positive energy.

3. Hug a tree to boost your mood

Hugging itself is a very positive thing to do (read about the health benefits of hugging). When hugging a tree you combine the positive outcome of hugging with tons of fresh air and positive energy. Only positive things can come out from that combination – better mood is certainly one of them.

Try to hug different trees as different trees might give you different types of feelings and emotions.

Have you tried to hug a tree? Please share your experience – what are the benefits of hugging a tree you have enjoyed?

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Picture: Brookfield Zoo–By the “L” (or El). Poster showing a panda bear enjoying the benefits of hugging a tree. Frank Long for the Works Progress Administration, Illinois Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1938. Trialsanderrors



  1. Charlotte Santa says

    Being in trees was as natural to me in my childhood as was breathing air. I always thought that, in trees, one was naturally closer to God….so he could hear my prayers better….so superior to being on my knees saying scarey words like: “If I should die before I wake.” Now I’m too old to climb trees, but I can still close my eyes and see myself ‘hanging out’ in the arms of giant oak trees that still surround me in my “little home town” ….. Instant shift from (over) drive to neutral. AHHhhhhh.

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