Ways to destress your mind

In this article we will share with you five simple ways to destress your mind. Feel free and try those tips – let us know, what worked best for you.

Simple ways to destress your mind - try pottery making or drawing

5 simple ways to destress your mind

1. Visualization techniques can help

Visualization is one of the easiest ways to destress your mind. Close your eyes and visualize a pleasant place or situation. Be in that place or situation for couple of minutes. Open your eyes and it is guaranteed that your mind is cleared and stress free. And the best thing about visualization – it is free and takes only couple of minutes of your time. Read more about visualization.

2. Writing as a stress reliever

Use writing to destress your mind. There is no difference whether you keep a diary or write a letter to a friend. In both cases you will slow down your thinking process and release the thoughts that are bothering you. Writing also enables you to gather and organize your ideas – very useful if you are in the decision making process.

3. Meditation helps with stress

In case you have some time and a quiet place to go, use meditation to destress your mind. Try different meditation techniques and choose the one that meets your needs. Just keep in mind, that meditation requires practice – you will get better and better over time.

4. Drawing or pottery making or…

If you already have a hobby, find some time, focus on it and destress your mind. But try also something new like drawing or pottery making. Art is inspiring and helps your mind to stay focused and away from stressful thoughts.

5. Take a walk to clear your mind

Go to the nature or visit the nearest park. The fresh air will destress your mind and recharge your body. Concentrate on something beautiful and let the senses wander. Believe it or not, but it works like magic.

How do you destress your mind – share your tips in the comments below.

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    Great tips! Unfortunately, I’m not that good with visualization unless I’m in the proper setting/environment. For example, it really helps to practice it at the end of your sleep routine, when you’re in bed with your eyes closed and seeking to drop off. Conjuring up relaxing images can also be helped by a variety of audio tools found free online, such as environmental soundtracks! One final thing that helped me destress this winter was going on a 20 minute walk/jog after work instead of jumping straight in my car to drive back home. I stopped worrying about not being physically active and the walk actually gave me an energy push to study more in the evening, as often I don’t because I say I feel “too tired” but in reality it’s just procrastination that adds to my stress. So, to conclude these two simple things to do REALLY help!

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