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Relax the pain away – 5 pain relief techniques

Meditation could be one of the pain relief techniques you should try

When painful injuries occur, they can often linger for unfortunate periods of time. The human body is only capable of healing at a certain rate. Although time is the only way that wounds can heal, it is possible to expedite the process. The ability to feel well and healthy is often taken for granted by […]

Top 4 Weekend Stress Management Tips

weekend stress management Laurel and Hardy

Every Friday morning you wake up with that happy T.G.I.F. looking forward to the upcoming weekend. You know it is the last day of mundane, stress and thousands of must-dos you have at work that seem to never end. You know that for the next two days you will be able to wake up at […]

Can’t shake off that winter blues? Here are the best ways to cheer yourself up this spring…

shake off winter blues spring

Winter’s over, right? Well, technically, yes. It has been spring since March 20th this year, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that winter’s overstayed its welcome. The end result of all this chilly weather is increased reliance on scarves, locking ourselves away in the evenings and shaking our fists at the sky when yet another […]

How to reduce stress before college exams?

reduce stress before college exams

Exams are coming up and you have tons of books to read, notes to review and papers to submit. What do you do? College life can be very stressful especially when there are so many things to work on with so little time. Stress can trigger health problems both physical and mental. As a student, […]

Does relaxing increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Does relaxing increase your chances of getting pregnant

No woman who has been trying to get pregnant for over a year wants to be told to “just relax, and it will happen”. Infertility is usually caused by specific medical reasons, and attending a yoga class sure won’t cure blocked fallopian tubes or make your husband’s sperm count! But does a relaxed attitude increase […]

Weekend stress relief tips

weekend stress relief reading

If you want to feel fresh on Monday morning, it is important you get some relaxation time on the weekend. If you have run out of ideas how to relieve stress in the weekend, this post is just for you. Here are five weekend stress relief tips you can try. 5 amazing weekend stress relief […]

How to de-stress while at work

de-stress while at work separate yourself

Before we get into the ways to de-stress, the question is this, is it possible to de-stress while at work? The answer is yes, if you put yourself in the right frame of mind to do so. Relaxation can be a state you can project almost anywhere and this even includes while on the job. […]

Using Acupuncture To Relax Yourself

acupuncture to relax yourself

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years but has only recently gained significant attention as an effective medical treatment for a variety of ailments ranging from stress to life-threatening illnesses. While its efficacy is often debated, there is no longer any doubt that acupuncture has positive effects on the mind and body through relaxation […]

How to Deal with Job Burnout

how to deal with job burnout monkey

According to the official statistics 50% of workers in the United States pull longer hours and suffer from job burnout. They have a feeling that they have to cope with too many tasks at once which is indeed really stressful. Job burnout usually results in either quitting the job or in productivity decrease. Many people […]

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils

Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy essential oils provide a method of using the body’s sense of smell in conjunction with the powerful medicinal qualities of essential oils which are extracted from herbs. Aromatherapy oils have been used for centuries to relieve stress, enhance moods and significantly improve general well being. It is believed that the body has the ability […]

Acupuncture treatment works – it really works

A nagging pain that doesn’t respond to medical treatments can respond to acupuncture treatment.

Whether you’re sleepless in Seattle or stressed in Baltimore, acupuncture treatment is a growing trend in the western world for relief from anxiety. A Maryland acupuncture session brings a meditative calm to the busy Baltimore and Washington D.C. commuters whose lives have gotten so hectic that their health can suffer. So does acupuncture in the […]