Acupuncture treatment works – it really works

Whether you’re sleepless in Seattle or stressed in Baltimore, acupuncture treatment is a growing trend in the western world for relief from anxiety.

A Maryland acupuncture session brings a meditative calm to the busy Baltimore and Washington D.C. commuters whose lives have gotten so hectic that their health can suffer. So does acupuncture in the other 49 states, and in fact, the rest of the world.

America’s medicalized, western mindset had begun to accept the ancient eastern practice as a viable therapy for all sorts of ills. Americans seek acupuncture to heal injuries and diseases, to fight infertility and baldness, to lose weight and cure addictions, and especially to relieve stress.

A nagging pain that doesn’t respond to medical treatments can respond to acupuncture treatment.

Stress is the root of so many of our ailments

If stress doesn’t cause our illnesses itself, it is certainly exacerbated when we become ill. Our lives, already so often over-taxed, can fray at the edges when we find ourselves battling depression, or obesity, or an injury that prevents us from doing our jobs or enjoying our physical activities.

A nagging illness or injury that doesn’t respond to medical treatments can respond to acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture treatment is based on the thousands-year-old belief that chi, the energy that flows through the universe and through our bodies, becomes blocked when it encounters an obstacle. The obstacle can be an injury or an illness, or it can be stress. Without the free flow of energy, healing cannot happen, so acupuncture treatment stimulates strategic parts of the body to release the energy and allow healing and health.

Furthermore, the chi energy is divided into the equal and opposite forces of yin and yang. If there is a blockage in the body, the balance between the two energy forces becomes unequal, and a person feels unwell.

In the western world, Americans tend to interpret the idea of chi as a more biological entity. We usually consider chi to be our circulation, our metabolism, and our natural hormones like endocrines and anti-inflammatories. Acupuncture treatment increases our circulation, releases endorphins, and can improve our metabolism. So whether it’s chi or an influx of oxygenated red blood cells, who’s to argue? If it works, it works.

Acupuncture treatment works

Patients undergoing an acupuncture session report feeling meditative, calm, and relaxed. One Maryland acupuncture treatment firm sent a acupuncturist to a clients office building to give his him acupuncture on the job so said client could focus! They feel relief from their physical pains, but they also feel relief from their worries. When the two are the cause of each other, an acupuncture treatment session can restore a person to physical and emotional health. The obvious benefits tend to last for days, so visits two or three times a week can keep a person feeling continuously well.

The less obvious benefits may lay so far within the body, that we may not consciously notice our health improvements. Our organs, like our hearts, kidneys, and livers, benefit from the increased circulation (or perhaps it’s the free flow of chi), so we may feel robust without being able to pinpoint exactly why.

Acupuncture treatment is good for the spirit and the body

Stress is as crippling as a broken ankle. One breaks the spirit while the other breaks the body. But we, as humans, are unified wholes – acupuncture treats the spirit and the body with the same prick, narrowing the focus of our health to literally the tip of a needle. Our energy and emotions can suffer when our body does, and we know our bodies can suffer as a result of stressful emotions.

Acupuncture treatment, rather than dividing the spirit from the body, unifies them and treats them as one. Prick by prick, our brain awakens to self-awareness and our body awakens to self-healing.

What are your experiences with acupuncture treatment ?

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