How to Deal with Job Burnout

According to the official statistics 50% of workers in the United States pull longer hours and suffer from job burnout. They have a feeling that they have to cope with too many tasks at once which is indeed really stressful.

Job burnout usually results in either quitting the job or in productivity decrease. Many people end up doing only the needed minimum, which may finally result poor career opportunities. These two are typical response to burnout and also important reasons why it is crucial to deal with job burnout as soon as you see the first warning signs. Below are some effective ways to deal with job burnout.

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4 effective ways to deal with job burnout

1. Change your working environment

Very often it is corporate culture to blame for your problems. There are lots of companies where it is encouraged to create an atmosphere of fear, as it is believed workers work harder when their fear to lose their job. If that is your case, then probably a new role would be a good solution. Think where working environment is the healthiest and try to get there. This knowledge can be received from fellow workers.

2. Deal with job burnout by reevaluating the tasks you have

It is no matter how many tasks you have, not all of them are of equal importance for your company and for yourself. You should prioritize work and decide upon, which of them are of the highest priority and need to be completed first. Do the most difficult tasks in the beginning of the working day and leave easy and fast things to do in the afternoon, then your brain is tired.

3. Take short breaks

No matter how busy you are, you must have frequent but short brakes. Every battery needs to be recharged and your body and brain is not an exception. It is proved by several researchers that a person becomes less productive if he or she doesn’t take breaks from time to time. For instance, this problem was researched at Cornell University by Professor Alan Hedge. Even if it seems impossible to take even a 5 minute break because of too many things to do, you should do it – it will be of great help in the long run.

4. Enhance your life with joyful activities

Do not spend your days off on cleaning a garage! Do something that you will really enjoy. For example, spend couple of hours walking in the park with somebody close to you or chat with family or friends.

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In almost all of the cases you have to deal with job burnout because you are not good at self management. Remember you will never be able to do more than you actually can do, but you can pick up the most important things to do at first.

What is your experience – have you had a situation where you had to deal with job burnout?

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