Quick, Easy Solutions to Solve Stress

Our lives are busy – hectic – crazy – and often we just don’t have the time to relax. We lay in bed at night tossing, turning, rolling pointless ideas over and over until hopefully we drift into a sad excuse for a sleep. Stress does crazy things to our bodies. Besides gifting us insomnia, stress can affect our immune systems, menstrual cycles, cause headaches, and play a huge role in the onset of arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Doesn’t sound too great, huh? So, all of us really need to learn how to take a chill pill and solve stress. These easy practices will help you minimize and solve stress in your life (and probably wrinkles too):

Five-leaf clover brings luck – 5 easy solutions to solve stress bring happiness

5 Solutions to Solve Stress

1. Breathe, Bro

Ever wonder why your favorite Yogi has lived to a ripe old age of 110 (and still looks great)? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that Yoga is heavily based on the breath. Practicing vinyasas, which are common yoga poses that link the breath with movement, is a great way to calm the body and solve stress. This doesn’t mean you have to have a guru in order to gain control of your breath. Try just sitting cross legged with your eyes closed and try to slow your breath down. Or, if you feel a little awkward doing this at your office, just sit in your chair, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.

2. Eat Healthy

Remember that awful saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, let’s rephrase: you feel like what you eat. If you’re living off potato chips and bonbons, you’re probably not going to feel fabulous. Feeling poorly will only add to your stressors. Look, I know it can be hard to eat well especially if you’re insanely busy or on a tight budget. But taking the time to make a healthy meal can be relaxing, especially when compared to the consequences you’ll face if you don’t start eating right.

3. Release the Reins

We can’t always win. We are not all-powerful and everything will not always go the way we want them to. We know this, but sometimes we forget it. We have to learn to accept these terms of the universe and realize that it’s okay. By trying to make things perfect all the time, we’re setting ourselves up for failure, adding more stress. Solve stress by learning to let go. The world will be fine without you trying to keep it in line, promise.

4. Keep it Clean

Declutter your work space and your home. If you keep things neat and tidy, you won’t be staring a stressor in the face, literally. Keep up with your cleaning so that you’ll be able to relax and solve stress in your space. And don’t just stop once you’ve spritzed Windex on your mirrors. Do yourself a favor and clean a mere 10 or so minutes out of your schedule too. Take a break to solve stress – go on a walk, socialize, meditate, or doodle. A little time goes a long way.

5. Put it in Perspective

If you find yourself stressing out about something, remember to ask yourself, “In a year, will this even matter?” Yeah, you know 9 times out of 10, whatever you’re freaking out about won’t matter next week let alone in a year’s time. Keeping it real helps you solve stress. So laugh when it hits you that you’ve been kept up until 4 am over something that won’t matter in 24 hours – you’ll probably fall right asleep.

What are your tips and tricks – how to you solve stress? Be so kind and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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