How to Choose the Right Sunscreen?

Awareness of the dangers of being out in the sun has received a huge amount of publicity over recent years, but a recent study by Macmillan Cancer Support found that a staggering 22% of women did not bother with sunscreen when on holiday in a hot country. Even though the British weather is variable at best, the sun on a clear summer’s day is hot enough to do serious damage to our skin. So how to choose the right sunscreen – what should we be looking for in a sunscreen and what does it protect us against?

how to choose the right sunscreen

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen – Important Things to Consider


The two main sorts of rays which come from the sun are UVA and UVB. In simple terms, the long waves which make up UVA light are the ones which penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and are the cause of premature aging and wrinkles in the skin. UVB light operates on a shorter wave length and can burn the outer layers of the skin, causing sunburn. It is therefore essential that any sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Choose the Right Sunscreen for Holiday

When going abroad on holiday, it is essential you choose the right sunscreen product for the entire family.

Experts advise a factor of at least 15. The factor is a multiplication of the amount of time you can stay in the sun. If you could stay in the sun for 10 minutes without burning, a factor 15 will multiply that time to 150 minutes. Sunscreens do not stop you from getting a tan.

Higher factors, or total sun blocks should be used on those with very pale skin or on young children, toddlers and babies. Wearing a wide brimmed hat and staying out of the sun in the middle of the day will also help to prevent sunburn.

Waterproof sunscreens are ideal for those doing lots of swimming, but it is always a good idea to reapply sunscreen after a swim. For small children, special clothing is available which will act as an added sunscreen on their body.

Choose the Right Sunscreen for Everyday Use

There is a wide range of cosmetic products on the market which have built in sunscreens, and these are a great choice for everyday use when not on holiday. Products such as This Works Skin Defense are a combination of base layer, foundation and sunscreen and should be the first product women put on their face in the morning. It is also wise to keep a small tube of the This Works products in a bag to reapply during the day when necessary.

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