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Benefits of Having a Dog – Why a Dog Is Better Than a Gym Membership

health benefits of having a dog

I’ve been a dog owner for about 10 years. Shadow, a funny looking basset hound/black lab mix, was my first dog. Then came Bella, the craziest, most adorable boxer I’ve ever seen. Doug came a year after Bella. He’s … well, he’s special. He’s very shy and afraid of just about everything, but if you […]

5 Office Chair Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

office chair exercises hard

Many people who work in offices come home every night suffering from a bad back, achy neck, sore hip joints or a general feeling of stiffness. The ideal solution to this problem would be not to sit in front of a computer screen all day, but unfortunately most of us can’t do that! Alternatively there […]

The Benefits of Walking (Infographic)

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Here is a great infographic about the health benefits of walking and weight control. How much do you walk daily!? Source:LiveScience

Why Walk to Work – 5 Good Benefits You Don´t Want to Miss

Walk to work

Do what to work?  Walk?  Am I mad?  Maybe I am mad but thin.  There are plenty of people who will tell you that you should walk to work and they’re all armed with excellent, ecologically sound and a little holier than thou reasons.  You’ll save money, the planet and you’ll get fit along the […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Steam Baths

Health benefits of steam baths

Even from old times the steam has been used both as a relaxation, hygiene and health improvement solution. Back then there were only some public and very few private steam baths. This situation has changed and now everybody can have a steam shower at home. But why should you do it? There are some advantages […]

Top 3 Relax Clothing You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

relax clothing to destress

Believe it or not, comfy clothing says a lot about your stress level and tolerance. Though it may sound silly, wearing a tight pair of jeans while meeting up with a colleague or friend can make you feel uncomfortable, hence heightening your stress level. The same goes for heading to a workout in a top […]

Top Relaxation Techniques for Elderly

relaxation techniques for elderly

Stress in the elderly has many sources, including the loss of a partner, money worries, health problems and a lack of independence. For the majority of elderly individuals, stress affects them both physically and psychologically. Before we cover some of the best relaxation techniques for elderly, let´s look at stress in the elderly. Stress in […]

How To Balance Your Diet

how to balance your diet tomato

No one can say that they have the perfect diet. Everyone is fighting the tough ongoing battle to live a healthy lifestyle. Most people give up on diets due to lack of knowledge and motivation. Let me tell you something the motivation comes with the knowledge. Understanding your body and what foods work well and […]