The magnificent health benefits of sunbathing

The sun is a magnificent thing. It gives life to the Earth and people on it. Take joy of the magnificent health benefits of sunbathing and spend time on the beach. Just keep in mind to do it responsibly.

health benefits of sunbathing

Most Important Health Benefits of Sunbathing

Health Benefits of Sunbathing from Vitamin D

Some of the most important health benefits of sunbathing are connected to vitamin D. Exposure of the skin to the sun helps your body to produce vitamin D. All you need is 10 – 15 minutes of sun exposure a day to help your body to produce enough vitamin D.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Vitamin D

  1. Stronger bones and improved immune system
  2. Vitamin D helps to prevent osteomalacia (soft bones) and rickets
  3. Vitamin D helps to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis
  4. Vitamin D is good for you heart as it helps to prevent high blood pressure
  5. There are indications that Vitamin D is reducing cancer risks
  6. Some studies have shown that Vitamin D helps to prevent flu or at least reduce the duration
  7. Vitamin D and sunbathing overall is also good for your skin. Different skin irritations can be cured by sun exposure. In addition you will have a healthy glow.

benefits of sunbathing

Mental Health Benefits of Sunbathing

Sunbathing helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. Take some time, go to the beach or park, enjoy sun and feel how stress is melting away.

Beat depression. Sunlight is a natural way to boost your mood. Combat the symptoms of depression with reasonable sun exposure.

Conquer SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Let more sunlight into your environment and combat the symptoms of SAD.

Sunbathing is also good for your relationship. All those previous health benefits of sunbathing have a positive effect on your relationships with family and friends. When you are happier, your loved ones are happier.

As you see, the health benefits of sunbathing can improve your health and even life overall. You are on the safe side if you sunbathe reasonably and use protection.

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