5 Health Benefits of Going Green – Why Eco Living is Good for You

Everywhere you look these days; there is a new eco-friendly version of common household products to help people reduce their carbon footprint in everyday life. While an eco-lifestyle will certainly save natural resources and the environment, it also promotes good physical health and mental well being. Here are some great health benefits of going green.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Going Green

1. More Physical Activity

This is one of the most important health benefits of going green. An eco-lifestyle provides more exercise without the feeling of having to force yourself into a gym every now and then. A simple change like choosing to walk or bike rather than drive will help promote a healthier circulatory system and muscle power, while also reducing the amount of pollution that goes into the atmosphere.

2. Healthier Food

Everyone knows a healthy diet is the best way to live a healthy and happy life. The foods that are packed with harmful fats, sugars, preservatives and pesticides are one of the main reasons for severe obesity, illness and a shorter lifespan. Try growing fruits or vegetables at home to ensure clean, chemical-free foods that are full of vitamins that the body naturally needs. Another benefit of growing your own food is the fact that it will limit the amount that will be wasted. When someone puts in the effort to grow and sustain healthy crops, they are immediately less likely to waste those crops that if they were to purchase the same items from a grocery store.

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3. Save Money

Saving money is not directly a health benefit, but the less you have to worry about money the better your life is. By opting to use natural ingredients for cleaners, growing crops at home and leaving the car at home, you will naturally save a lot of money over time. People always spend ten times more money on brand names regardless of the actual product benefits. A do-it-yourself mentality will help save money from many different areas, which will offer greater incentive to continue living the eco-friendly way.

4. Cleaner Air

There are many different household cleaners that are made up of harsh chemicals that are deteriorating to the body. From aerosols, sprays, powders and liquids, the fumes that are released into the air are exactly what go into your body, causing minor damage that could lead to major damage later on in life. By replacing these harsh cleaners with eco-friendly ones, especially ones that can easily be made at home, you immediately create a happier and healthier environment for all.

5. De-cluttering the Mind

This is one of the most important health benefits of going green in terms of stress and well being. Going green will help promote a healthy mind, which is something that everyone should seriously take good care of. With all of the stresses in everyday life, a cluttered mind can easily cause incredible stress and strain on the body, in turn, causing it to become weak.

By taking the time to spend more time outdoors and becoming more conscious about the various eco alternatives available today, the body and mind will become stronger and less susceptible to stress with less important things in life.

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