Be the Boss of Your Health. 5 Tips to Stay Fit at Work

For many individuals, the corporate environment is usually best handled with a side order of sweets, energy drinks and caffeine shots. Many high school graduates who participate in multiple sporting activities are shocked when their high-calorie diet leads to excess weight gain in the workplace; no longer able to stay fit amidst the demanding project deadlines, ball-and-chain sedentary desk and standard 8-5 schedule. Here are 5 simple health tips to stay fit at work.

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5 Essential Health Tips to Stay Fit at Work

1. Avoid Stress Eating

When you’re staring at a screen day-in and day-out it can be really difficult to control your appetite. Excessive snacking can either result from job-boredom or stress. A comforting means of mindlessly treating things that are out of your control, you’ll need to start saying no to food if you want to get rid of those extra calories and stay fit at work.

2. Eat Regularly

Not a loophole to carry on popping extra sugary snacks throughout your day, eating several small, well-spaced balanced meals will keep your mind off the munchies and on your task schedule.

3. Plan Meals in Advance

Instead of giving in to the tempting wiles of McDonalds and Burger King on a daily basis, pack in a healthy sandwich for lunch, adding some raw nuts and a portion or two of fruit and veg to snack on. Staying on the good side of the food pyramid, you’ll be able to stay fit at work and cut your portions and foot budget in half at the same time.

4. Fitness Breaks

Part of staying fit at work is learning to read your body signals. When your eyelids start to droop and you’re battling to get through your work in a timely fashion, get up and take a stroll outside. The fresh air and brisk pace will reset your concentration and help you burn some of that belly fat.

5. Workout on the Weekend

Get fit and stay fit! The weekend is your perfect opportunity to get in a proper workout session, break out a sweat and get your heart pumping. A moment to spend some of your hoarded free time outdoors, working out on the weekend will help you remain in shape and spend some time in the sun.

Finding the balance between supplementing your salary with overtime, and combating the long office hours by maintaining a normal personal life, exercise routine and healthy dietary habits can be difficult. If you don’t keep your stressful corporate lifestyle in check by staying fit, the negative effects on your health will soon make themselves known. Whether you develop high blood pressure, become overweight, or revert to a slothful unfit existence, your body will definitely bear the brunt of your commitment to being a star employee.

While your ambition isn’t something to be frowned upon, implementing tactics to get and stay fit a long the pathway of your career is worthwhile (for your state-of-mind and your body).

How do you stay fit at work? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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