7 Excellent Relaxation Apps for the iPhone

When the iPhone was first created, the designers probably didn’t have zen meditation on the their top five functions for the new phone. However, the freedom of iPhone apps, as well as the creativity of programmers understanding the new environment the iPhone offered changed that. Today, there are available a number of relaxation apps for the iPhone, feeding into the humor of “there’s an app for that.” Some are good, some are not so good, but the below list highlights some of the better pickings and why.

7 Excellent Relaxation Apps for the iPhone Worth Trying

Sound Related Relaxation Apps

1. Ambiance– For those who like to relax blocking out external sounds and chatter with headphones, this app provides 2500 different options for doing so. The sound choices range from natural sounds to urban patterns to electronic rhythms. The program’s synthetic products sound to the ear very natural and are completely controllable via sound volume settings. The program even provides a timer feature for how long the system should work if the user is taking a nap or zoning out.

ambiance relaxation app2. aSleep– This app works similar to Ambiance in that it provides a variety of sound patterns that can be listened to for relaxation. Each choice follows a computerized loop pattern so that it repeats itself. However, with aSleep the loop seems to be more obvious. On the other hand, the app comes with far more programs totaling 47 different sound choices. The sound control features appear basic although the aesthetics of the user interface screen looks more professional that other choices. A nice feature of this app includes the ability to consider alternative selections still listening to an original track. With other app alternatives the working sound track has to stop first before a different one can be examined. aSleep also provides sounds in specific categories such as animals, nature, and music.

asleep relaxation app for iphone3. Calm – this app will help to bring more calm to peoples’ days. Users can experience the 7 steps of calm – a series of simple, visually stunning guided relaxation sessions, which can be from 2 to 30 minutes. It’s perfect for when you want a break from your day – and ideal for today’s busy lifestyles we all lead. You could say it’s a ‘sanctuary of calm’ in your pocket.

calm meditation appVisual Relaxation Apps

4. Bubbles– This app works exactly the way most people would assume just based on the title alone. The program creates floating bubbles on the screen that move around or fall off, depending how the iPhone is being held at the time. The program does make a pop sound when the bubbles are touched or terminated, but that’s it. For sheer zone-out boredom, Bubbles does exactly what is expected of the app and no more.

pubbles app for iphone5. Earth3D– The Earth3D app challenges Bubbles on the simplicity factor or brain-melting zone out effect. The program shows a spinning earth with time zone differences of day and night on the planet. As the user manipulates the screen the view of the planet changes slightly. Aside from the planet spinning, however, the program doesn’t do much else, which probably assists in its ability to put a person to sleep.

relaxation appManual Work Relaxation Apps

6. iZen Garden– For those who feel the world can be deciphered by detailed garden work, iZen Garden provides relief and relaxation when away from a user’s real zen garden at home. The app replicates a sand garden complete with a movable sand rake with which to create intricate patterns. A nice feature is that the app saves the virtual sand garden last created so the previous work is not lost. There are also options for garden decorations that can be added and sound effects.

zen garden app screenshot7. Koi Pond– in terms of water relaxation with fish, Koi Pond allows users to feed and watch Asian fish swim around the screen along with lily pond placement. The screen animation is coupled with sound effects, so water-splashing as well as wind and fish sounds emanate. An app version of fish food is also available to feed the fish, and touching the screen will bring them out to investigate the disturbance caused by a user’s fingertip.

great relaxation appRegardless of which relaxation apps are used, all are intended to help a user with relaxation and reducing stress. In that regard, the iPhone continues to embed itself in daily life far more than a basic communication tool.

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