How about walking barefoot – benefits you don´t want to miss!

As you are reading this article, you are most probably among the 20% of the population wearing shoes daily. It´s true, shoes are irreplaceable in the modern world, but we encourage you to also think about walking barefoot. Benefits to your mind and body explained below might surprise you.walking barefoot benefits sandals

Thinking About Walking Barefoot – 5 Benefits to Convince You

1. Mind Relaxation is Guaranteed

Walking barefoot needs also some attention from your mind. You have to look out for sharp rocks and thorns. As your mind is focused on walking, it is totally clear from any other negative thoughts. And there is a good chance, that those negative thoughts will not return when you put your shoes back on.

2. Walking Barefoot is Like a Free Foot Massage Session

There are more than 200 000 nerve endings and important reflex points on the sole of your feet. All those are stimulated when walking barefoot. Benefits of stimulating those nerves and reflex points are well explained here. It might hurt a bit, but this means that it was about time you go barefoot – your feet needed it. Over time the discomfort disappears.

3. Stronger Feet Muscles

Experts say that walking barefoot develops muscle strength in the feet. When wearing shoes, the muscles in your feet don´t have to work that hard. Going barefoot wakes those passive muscles up and makes them stronger.

4. Better Circulation

As walking barefoot exercises various muscles in the legs and in the feet, it helps the pumping back of blood to the heart. As a result, the chances of developing Varicose Venis are reduced, since the blood does not collect in your legs.

5. Walking Barefoot Cures for Insomnia?

It´s not scientifically proven fact, but the belief from ancient times still lives and many people swear by it today.

Walking Barefoot on Grass

Walking barefoot on grass has all the health benefits explained above. In addition, walking barefoot on grass in the morning has a cooling effect on your body. As morning grass is cool, walking barefoot is a great way to revitalize your body and start your day fresh.

Walking barefoot in the sand

Walking barefoot in the sand has also all the health benefits explained above. But in addition it is a great way to burn calories faster as it´s much harder to walk in the sand than on the flat surface. And if your feet get hot, cool them off by walking on the wet sand. Walking barefoot on the wet sand is also good for exfoliating the dead skin cells from your heels.

Now, stop THINKING about walking barefoot – benefits are there and they are great. It´s time to head to the park or the peach and take off your shoes.

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