Using Prayer Beads to De-stress

Prayer beads are used by religions all over the world to help their followers meditate on spiritual truths. The specific layout of prayer beads and truths they teach vary from one religion to another. However, all religious teachers that use them realize that prayer beads can help people increase their concentration and reduce their stress.prayer beads to relieve stress

How Prayer Beads Work

As mentioned above, each religion will teach something different through prayer beads, and each religion will have a slightly different prayer bead system. However, all religions use prayer beads in a similar way. There are generally two aspects to these systems of meditation.

  • There are a handful, typically three to five, of main points. These main points are emphasized by beads that are larger and more prominent than the others. Each large bead symbolizes a teaching, and meditators are walked through the religion’s basic tenants.
  • In between these major beads are minor ones, which are usually used to repeat a phrase. In most systems, these smaller beads all represent the same phrase.

With this combination of larger and smaller beads, prayer beads walk people through the religion’s foundations and refocus their mind on the religion’s teachings.

Prayer Beads Increase Concentration

Anyone who has tried to study for and exam or focus on a project at work knows how much the mind wanders. Most people cannot remain focused for more than a few minutes, regardless of whether they have ADD or ADHD. People who have a great ability to stay focused, such as surgeons who must work for hours without a break, have spent years training their minds. In medical school, doctors learn how to study, while also learning the medical discipline.

Prayer beads help people learn how to study, without attending medical school or law school. Prayer beads teach people to focus their minds on a simple truth for a period of time. The reason there are so many smaller beads is so people repeat that phrase over and over again. The repetition reinforces it. Even going through these beads quickly reorients one’s mind and helps build concentration.

Prayer Beads Reduce Stress

In addition to helping people focus, prayer beads help people reduce the stress in their lives. Most, if not all, religions that use prayer beads claim to reduce people’s stress. Some people find these claims difficult to incorporate into daily life, however. Consider this example.

Medical professionals, whether they are doctors, certified nurse assistants or paramedics have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. Especially CNAs, nurses and EMTs who work in an emergency setting are regularly faced with situations where a few seconds can be the difference between life and death. In addition to this, doctors have immense demands on their time.

In a situation like the medical profession, repeating one’s religious beliefs over and over helps reorient one’s mind. Even if it is only for a few moments, people can leave their current hectic situation and relax. When done regularly, this has a profound impact on one’s life.

What do you think – can prayer beads de-stress your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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