Great Ways to Destress at Your Desk

Are you feeling a lot o f stress while at work? You cannot afford too many breaks to relieve stress. The following no cost and smart tips help you to destress at your desk.

ways to destress at your desk deep breathing

7 Easy Ways to Destress at Your Desk

1. Deep breathing is the easiest way to destress at your desk

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Make the breaths long and slow. Once you have done it, your stress level will be lower and mind cleared.

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2. Take a break to clear your mind

Another good way to destress at your desk is to take a short break. Taking a break only works when you fill that break with non-work related activities. Watch a short video, call a friend or clean your desk. Just don´t think about work or anything else that is stressing you out. Concentrating on something else helps to clear the mind and allows you to have a fresh view on things once the break is over.

3. Fill your break with office yoga

Office yoga always helps. Office yoga together with deep breathing lead to fewer tension headaches and muscle tensions. You will have less stress and you are able to focus on your work more effectively.

Here are some office yoga exercises you can try.

4. Sitting taller relieves stress

Sitting taller is a simple trick with numerous health benefits. First of all, sitting taller is good for your spine and back. Secondly it boosts your self esteem. Thirdly it keeps you from “shrinking” due to stress – both mentally and physically. Sitting taller is probably the easiest thing you can do to destress at your desk.

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5. Visualize yourself to a peaceful place

Visualization is a proven way to destress the mind. Visualize yourself to a pleasant place and enjoy that place for 5 to 10 minutes. Feel it with every part of your body. It´s guaranteed that you feel better afterwards, your mind will be clear and fresh.

Here are some visualization exercisesyou can practice while sitting at your desk.

ways to destress at your desk visualization

6. Stretch the stress away

If you sit behind the desk all day, your back, shoulders and hips are compressed. A good way to relieve muscle tensions is to stretch from time to time. By relieving muscle tensions you also relieve tensions in the mind.

7. A glass of water is great for refreshment

One easy way to destress at your desk is to drink a glass of cold water. Pure and cold water refreshes your body and mind and gives you the needed strength to go on.

Her is a great post about the health benefits of drinking water.

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