3 Effective Ways to Relieve Anxiety Fast

In our over-stimulated world, anxiety is creeping more and more into various aspects of our lives- work, school, relationships. Here are some quick and easy ways to relieve anxiety fast and keep you on track in doing the things you really want to do, worry-free.

relieve anxiety fast and take a deep breath

Learn 3 Effective Ways to Relieve Anxiety Fast

1. Breathing Relieves Anxiety

Breathing is probably the most effective way to relieve anxiety fast. Especially before taking drastic or impulsive action, use a few seconds to take three long, precious breaths. To gain enhanced benefits from your breathing, try linking them together into a session of meditation.

2. Repeat a Positive Affirmation or Mantra

An affirmation is a statement of being as you already are- even if you are not and have to fake it. The subconscious mind picks up the verbal cue and processes information as if it is already in the state that you have programmed through your affirmation.

So once you have cleared the fog and clouds of anxiety somewhat by taking in some all-important breaths, introduce the positivity you wish to be in the form of a pre-selected mantra or affirmation: “I am Peace; I am Love; May all beings be happy” – you get the picture. And make sure your affirmation is stated in the positive. For example, “I don’t want to fail this test” can be replaced with “I am passing my final exam because I am prepared and know how to apply what I have learned.”

“And what, by the way, is a mantra?” you may be asking. A mantra originally meant a syllable or a series of sounds imbued with sacred meaning whose purpose was to offer psychic protection in ancient Hindu society. Nowadays, they are used to induce a desired state of being, such as the popular Tibetan mantra “Om mani padme hum (Hail the jewel in the lotus)” which is meant to say that impurities of body, speech, and mind can be transformed into the purity of the Buddha’s body, speech and mind, not only for oneself, but also for the compassionate benefit of others. Whether it is a positive affirmation or sacred mantra you choose, try one that most resonates with you for a long enough period to see if you notice results.

3. Smile

Smiling is another easy way to relieve anxiety fast. Neuroscience shows that the mere act of smiling, even if you are not particularly happy at that moment- will enhance your mood. Mark Stibich, PhD, consultant at Columbia University, believes that “If you can slow your breathing down and change your expression, you may be able to turn around the stress cascade”. Here is yet another example of “fake it ‘til you make it”. Where your mind goes, so goes your body- and your whole life.

For an extra, turbo-charged boost to relieve anxiety fast, try all three of the above at the same time !

Have you had a need to relieve anxiety fast – how did you do it – share your experiences in the comments below.

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Author: Steven Tokeshi is a Certified Life Coach and Career Coach with Bardo Life Coaching. Based in San Diego, Steve helps people clarify their personal and career goals and to motivate them to actively pursue them through powerful coaching and mentoring.

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