5 Amazing Ways Pets Reduce Stress

For some people the idea of having a pet may be anything but relaxing. Having to run around, cleaning up after an over excitable puppy or getting clawed by a mischievous cat are not everyone’s idea of fun. However, for others the calming powers of a pet are undeniable and their relationships with their animal companions are essential to maintain a happy and well balanced life. Here are 5 amazing ways pets reduce stress and have a calming influence on your life.

ways pets reduce stress

Amazing Ways Pets Reduce Stress in Humans

1. Companionship

Loneliness can be a great source of stress for many people- and yet unfortunately many people do not have friends and family close, nor access to an alternative support network. Pets, especially dogs, can be fantastic companions and indeed are for many people. Living alone, especially for the elderly, can be a frightening experience. A faithful companion provides a valuable shield both practical and psychological against this concern.

2. Family Matters

People often talk about their pets being a part of their family but there is also some evidence that pets reduce stress by making family life run more smoothly. Studies have suggested that pets can help to diffuse tense family situations, providing a foil to any arguments taking place. Pets also play an important part in helping children to understand the natural world and our place in it.

3. Get Out and About

There is a strong link between a healthy mind and a healthy body- and pets reduce stress by keeping you more active (well perhaps not a goldfish!). Several university studies have shown that pet ownership promotes a healthier lifestyle– some even suggesting that pet owners are less likely to visit the doctors. Dogs are great for getting people out into the fresh air- even those that previously had little time for the outdoors.

4. Good Vibrations

The psychological benefits of interaction with an animal are so strong that it is now common place for organized dog visits to take place to old people’s homes. Even a small amount of time in the company of an animal can have a massive effect on the emotional disposition of a person.

5. Help Concentration

Many parents tell their children that they cannot have a pet believing that it will be a distraction from school work, but several reports have shown the opposite to be true. Pets reduce stress, have a calming influence and help to focus the mind on the task in hand. Some US colleges have even used dogs to try and combat pre-exam stress!

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