5 Foods that Cause Stress

It is common to find yourself stressed at one point of your life for one reason or another. Most times the stressful situation blows over and life is back to normal gain whereby the regular activities are tackled well. However, for some people the stress keeps on recurring and they cannot seem to put a finger on what is triggering the condition. Many times a visit to the doctor may result in the prescription of drugs to take care of the situation but to no avail. It is at such times that it is important to consider the food that you eat on a regular basis as one of the triggers of the stress in your life. Here is a list of foods that cause stress.

foods that cause stress potato chips

Foods that Cause Stress

1. Potato Crisps

It is one of the popular snacking items that is known to cause stress because of the salt used in their preparation. The more of the crisps that are consumed the less water is removed the body resulting in an individual being in a rather uncomfortable situation leading to a lot of stress.

2. Refined Sugar

Some sugary foods do not have any nutrients that they give to the body and thus not encouraged to be a large part of an individual’s diet. This is because when excess sugar is introduced in the body it causes the levels of the blood sugar as well as the levels of insulin to fluctuate resulting in poor concentration and sometimes irritability. The manifestation of stress caused by foods such as refined sugar includes mood swings, sugar highs and then a crash.

3. French Fries

This is one of the most common types of fast foods that are consumed on a daily basis with a large majority of people. Among the ingredients used to prepare the French fries there is the use of excess salt as well as fat. The grease if not allowed to drain off well, causes distress in the stomach which leads to stress in the body because of the discomfort that is experienced.

4. Foods High in Sodium

When excess sodium is introduced into the body through the consumption of a variety of foods, the body retains fluid. The fluid that it retains which is more than what the body should places pressure on different parts of the body. The heart is the first to be affected because it has to work extra hard as the body tries to drain the excess fluid. When the heart is overburdened, blood pressure begins to rise resulting in bloating as well as puffiness. Most times when the body is bloated it loses a lot of energy resulting in stress related symptoms.

5. Spicy Foods

These types of food can weaken the stomach lining especially when taken in excess. Also the consumption of foods such as chillies and curries that are very hot can result in the damage of the lining causing the individual a lot of stress because of the discomfort experienced.

If possible, do not overdo or avoid the foods that cause stress – your life will be happier.

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