How to Feel Completely Relaxed? 3 Effective Ways to Enjoy a True Feeling of Relaxation

In this post we will cover some effective ways to feel completely relaxed. To be honest – there is no rocket science here, but sometimes it is good to remind yourself the corner stones of a good relaxation.

In today’s busy society, most of us spend the majority of our time it seems running from one crisis to the next – answering to people at work, getting shouted out by our partners, driving our kids to school and just generally always at everyone’s beck and call and never sitting still. This tires us out both mentally and physically, taxing our immune system and preventing us from being able to get any rest. In turn this means that we are more likely to get ill and are more likely to see our injuries heal more slowly. Meanwhile this leaves us groggier during the day and more likely to make silly mistakes or bite someone’s head off. Here are 3 effective ways to feel completely relaxed:

  • Step 1. To feel completely relaxed, segment your time;
  • Step 2. To feel completely relaxed, give your body time to recover and read a book for instance;
  • Step 3. To feel completely relaxed, listen to some shooting music.

3 Effective Ways to Feel Completely Relaxed

1. Segment Your Time

how to feel completely relaxed take time

Part of the reason we can never relax these days is simply that we are always under the impression that there’s something we should be doing. As such then we will end up feeling guilty when we take the slightest bit of time off because we could be calling a friend who we haven’t spoken to for ages, working out, or doing work. To feel completely relaxed, we should make sure that we allocate ourselves the time to relax by segmenting our time. In other words we might make a pact with ourselves to work for two hours and then to take a forty minute break.  During this rest time just try to live in a bubble so that you make a concerted effort not to think about anything you need to do – save it for your ‘work time’.

2. Relax Yourself Physically

to feel completely relaxed read a book

You shouldn’t just be relaxing yourself mentally though, but also physically in order to feel completely relaxed and give your body time to recover. A great purchase to make here is to buy yourself a hot tub and this way you can let the warm water relax and massage your muscles as you relax and breath in the steam. This is good for you in all kinds of ways and it will make a huge difference to your overall health if you do it regularly.

There are other things you can do too. For instance why not book yourself in for a nice massage? Or get your partner to give you one? Or alternatively you can just unwind in front of the television with something nice to eat and a warm drink, or with a good book.

3. Listen to Some Music

To feel completely relaxed, listen to some shooting music

Having some calming music on in the background can instantly help you to feel completely relaxed. The reason this is so effective is that your heart rate will lower in accordance with the tempo of the music and at the same time you can focus on the music in order to silence your inner thoughts which can help you to relax even more and stop ruminating on things that are troubling you.

What do you do to feel completely relaxed – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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