How to Stay Happy and Positive at Work

The workplace is where we spend most of our professional lives, so it makes sense to try and make it a happy place. But how do you do that? How much impact can one individual have to stay happy and positive at work, especially if they work for a large organization?

The answer is: quite a lot, actually. The important thing is to focus on the variables that you can control and influence. You might not be able to control corporate corruption, impending administration or your belligerent boss, but there’s a whole lot you can impact to make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be. So why not read a few tips about how to stay happy and positive at work.

stay happy and positive at work

6 Tips to Stay Happy and Positive at Work

1. Take Time to Create Positive Working Environment

This means everything from personalizing your immediate surroundings and making everything comfortable to streamlining and organizing your files, documents and equipment – both on and offline. If you’re efficient and comfortable, you’ll work better and, ultimately stay happy and positive at work.

2. Concentrate on People

Make friends with your colleagues. OK, maybe not all of them. But you spend more time with these people than some of your own family, so get to know them. Get emotionally involved. Bonding brings you closer together, which is better for your work environment as well as the work itself. The most creative, productive and happy teams are often friends, not strangers.

3. Find Your Place in the Big Picture

Next, find out your company’s values, beliefs and ethos, and where you fit in to the Big Picture. It doesn’t matter if your company sell security alarms or plant sustainable rainforests; most people are happier being part of something greater than simply generating profit. Together with understanding your own contribution, this will immediately give you a sense of purpose, worth and focus. Knowing your value is the key to stay happy and positive at work.

4. Find Satisfaction in Your Role

Hopefully your job is enjoyable or meaningful. Maybe both. But if not, make sure you find enough satisfaction in your role. Is it challenging enough? Stimulating? Money itself is not enough. A lot of unhappiness at work is down to people simply hating their job. If this sounds like you, find something better. Not everyone can just quit their job, but everyone has the ability to find something down the line that will make them happier.

5. Own Your Life

It’s important that you take ownership of your working life; decide your own level of involvement, and take responsibility for your own development. So many people spend their working lives complaining at their lack of inclusion in projects and meetings, or moaning that their management doesn’t do enough to develop them. Don’t be one of these people. Be assertive. Make it absolutely clear that you want to be involved in anything you can add value to. The person with the biggest investment in your future is you, so if you want to advance insist on getting the training, development and promotions your talent, skills, experience and performance justifies.

6. Avoid Job Burnout

Avoid running yourself down both mentally and physically. Don’t become a self-imposed, overworked martyr. The phenomenon of masochistic overworking has become part of office culture, but it’s often unnecessary, counterproductive and exemplifies ego rather than ethos. Work hard at performing productively during your work hours and protect your personal time – it´s a golden rule if you want to stay happy and positive at work.

How do you stay happy and positive at work – share your tips in the comments below.

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