Top 3 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Having daily rituals make us feel comfortable and help us relax so that we can focus on the challenges life throws at us more completely. Unfortunately, due to human nature, many of these rituals are not terribly healthy for us: eating excessively, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol come to mind. Even the daily ritual of drinking coffee can cause physical health problems for some people.

However, drinking green tea daily is not only mentally relaxing but has been found to help your body physically in a number of different ways. Considering many people in Asian countries drink green tea on a regular basis and live long, healthy lives, there must be something to it, right? In fact, it has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years. Below are some really good reasons to drink green tea daily.

reasons to drink green tea daily

3 Important Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

1. Drinking Green Tea Reduced the Risk of Cancer

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that drinking green tea reduced the risk of a number of different types of cancer. Here´s the study by National Cancer Institute.

2. Green Tea Lowers Cholesterol Levels

There are also other really good reasons to drink green tea daily. It has also been known to lower overall cholesterol levels, which can keep people from getting diseases like diabetes later in life, something that has become a minor epidemic in America in recent decades. This is also because of the EGCG compound within the tea and it’s effects on the circulatory system of the human body.

As resveratrol in red wine reduces the effects of smoking and fatty diets on the body, also known as “the French Paradox” to researchers, EGCG does almost the exact thing, only twice as well as the aforementioned resveratrol compound.

This explains why heart disease among Japanese men is quite low even though a majority of the population are smokers. So if you’re on track to get diabetes in the future, start drinking a lot of green tea. Shortly thereafter you may be able to get rid of those annoying and uncomfortable compression socks.

3. Green Tea Helps to Prevent Tooth Decay

Research has also found that green tea can help prevent tooth decay. Evidently, the antioxidant-rich drink has the ability to wipe out plaque when drank regularly. It also has the ability to destroy bacteria that can cause food poisoning, which is why many foods are often soaked in it in country’s that don’t have ways to properly heat or cool food.

Other Benefits of Green Tea

Of course, these were not the only reasons to drink green tea. There are lots of other health benefits of green tea, like weight loss, immunity and stamina boost, green tea helps with depression and delays the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Strong Sense of Peace

With all of these known health benefits, drinking green tea will give you a strong sense of peace each time you consume it, as you will know you are doing something good for your body. With so much pressure put upon what we consume these days, you will have one less thing to worry about.

There is also caffeine in green tea but not nearly as much as you would find in your standard cup of coffee. It’s just enough to wake you up and make you feel active, rather than speeding up your heart rate for a short amount of time and then wearing off, causing you to feel lethargic and drowsy.

This balance of caffeine and healthy anti-oxidants makes it one of the perfect things to consume when you just want to relax.

These were our top reasons to drink green tea. Do you drink green tea and what are your reasons? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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