De-Stress Your Mind and Body – Top Tips to Cope with Stress

Life can sometimes be a maelstrom of family, socializing, studying, work and many other things. A combination of any of the above is occasionally a recipe to make you wish you could stop the world and get off for a little while, just to gain some sense of clarity and time.

Learning tips to cope with stress can be beneficial in helping you cope with what everyday life throws at you. Having a few simple tips and tricks up your sleeve for when tension arises can make all the difference between feeling frazzled and serene.

tips to cope with stress

4 Top Tips to Cope with Stress

1. Try Deep Breathing Techniques

When talking about tips to cope with stress, we have to talk about deep breathing. Most people don’t realize that when under stress their breathing becomes shallow and therefore they don’t use the full capacity of their lungs. This is a common factor in triggering all sorts of aches, pains and tensions in the body. Really focus on your breathing. Try exhaling deeply and slowly through your mouth. When your lungs are completely empty, slowly breathe in again, becoming conscious of your diaphragm and abdomen expanding. Exhale again, focusing on the feeling of your lungs deflating and the feelings of tension ease in your body. Repeat this four or five times.

2. Cut Out the Caffeine

We all know how good a hot cup of coffee tastes, but unfortunately, it contains caffeine, which raises the levels of cortisol we have in our bloodstreams. The drink of choice to reduce stress is chamomile tea. Chamomile is a herb renowned for its relaxing properties and if drunk at bedtime, can aid restful sleep.

3. Stop. Just Stop!

Sometimes you have to stop and take a proper break. Stress and tension can elevate anger in some people and if you feel the red mist descending in certain situations, it can be better to temporarily walk away. Find a quiet place to sit and calm down rather than blithely carrying on and hoping it will pass. Whilst you are stopped, it is a good idea to put the deep breathing technique outlined in point one to good use. Take a good five or ten minutes to really calm down. If possible, take in some fresh air.

4. Play Some Classical Music

Studies have shown that listening to some slow, relaxing classical music can be as beneficial for stress levels as taking a dose of sedative or anti-anxylotic medication. Spending half an hour to an hour just taking in the beautiful sounds of a loved classical piece can really refocus your mind and re-energize you. There are many CDs and MP3s of relaxing classics available to buy.

Always remember

You can control the stress; the stress does not have control over you. Taking a few simple steps such as the ones outlined above can really make a difference to your well-being in times of crisis. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms or feel very unwell because of stress it’s always advisable to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

Those were our top tips to cope with stress – what are yours – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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