Top Relaxation Techniques for Stressful Situations

With pressures from work, relationship or money worries, and our general hectic lifestyles, it is no wonder that many of us are carrying a load of stress that can eventually cause major havoc with our health in the longer term. The following ideas could help to reduce these detrimental health consequences through natural methods of relaxation – here are top relaxation techniques for stressful situations.

relaxation techniques for stressful situations

How to Overcome Stressful Situations?

Never Neglect Exercise

It is incredible how good exercise can make you feel, and no matter how stressed you feel you should make time exercise every day to de-stress your mind and calm your body. Here are couple of good ways to make exercising more fun:

  1. Meet friends for an outdoor volleyball, tennis, or badminton game several times a week.
  2. Use local facilities to swim or lift weights and ask a buddy to provide support.
  3. Have several friends meet for a half hour of dancing, whether this is free style, line dancing, jazz or belly dancing.
  4. Get several DVD’s of yoga and challenge a friend to see who can learn the moves faster.
  5. Set up a round robin tennis match.
  6. Go rollerblading in the park.
  7. Play tag football with friends.

Think Before Eating or Drinking

Because most people are short on time, many resort to candy bars and energy drinks for a quick fix. These may work in the short term, but too much caffeine and sugar can leave you feeling jittery and nervous. The better way to overcome stressful situations is to keep a disciplined eating schedule and make sure that the diet includes plenty of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This does not mean cooking every meal like mom did. Healthy snacks to eat on the go include nuts, apples, bananas and carrot sticks, so even if you don’t have time to eat a proper meal you can still keep your body fueled.

7 Quick Relaxation Techniques for Stressful Situations

relaxation techniques for stressful situations diary

When you feel that stress is sitting right in the middle of your chest even though you are trying hard to eat right, exercise, and get enough rest, these quick relaxation techniques for stressful situations may be helpful:

  1. Practice deep breathing techniques in order to feel more peaceful.
  2. Perform isometric exercises, neck rolls or shoulder rotations while waiting in .
  3. Keep a funny book handy for comic relief.
  4. Soak your feet in some warm bubbly water while listening to your favorite music.
  5. Use a bean bag warmed in the microwave or a heating pad to ease tight muscles.
  6. Keep a daily diary, either online or on paper, to release chaotic emotions.
  7. When angry, anxious, or upset about something, jot the feelings down on a piece of paper, wad it up, and throw it away; this symbolically releases you from worrying about the incident.

It might also be helpful for people who are feeling stressed to tune out as much negative information as possible. Whether the source is the nightly news, a radio host, or a pessimistic, complaining friend, negativity contributes to stress and could eventually lead to grave health problems.

No one can get rid of it entirely, but those who make an effort to o overcome stressful situations will be doing their bodies and minds a great favor.

What are your relaxation techniques for stressful situations – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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Author Jennifer Lewis uses the above tips to keep her stress levels under control. She writes for a site that helps minority female students find help to pay for college, including scholarships for Mexican women and grants for disabled women.

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