13 Effective Ways to Stop Hangover

Even though people love to party, enjoy and have a drink or two for relaxation, but no one wants to have a hangover as they wish to wake up ready to get back on track. Here are some scientifically proven ways that will help to stop hangover by preventing it from occurring in the first place.

The best way to really stop hangover is by avoiding drinking altogether

13 Effective Ways to Stop Hangover

  1. The best way to really stop hangover is by avoiding drinking altogether. You may state any reason, such as being the designated driver, in order to do so.
  2. Always have your dinner before going out for a drinking binge. Ensure that it is full of healthy carbohydrates. After all, an empty stomach will be absorbing alcohol much faster while a full stomach helps to keep the alcohol level in blood at a much lower level.
  3. Do ensure that you drink a lot of water while you drink. Compensate each glass of alcohol with a glass of water. This is because drinking water is a good technique for deflecting that next day pounding headache. The reason behind this is that the tissues around the brain, which are made of a lot of water, tend to shrink due to dehydration and put pressure in the head; and alcohol leads to dehydration in the body.
  4. You need to remember that dark drinks such as red wine or rum tend to contain congeners that contribute to these hangovers. In order to stop hangover, you need to replace these with vodka or even white wine!
  5. Consume multivitamins to stop hangover as drinking alcohol tends to deplete nutrients from the body. So you need to replenish all that you have lost.
  6. Opt for the expensive liquors as these contain lesser filler congeners that are the cause behind headaches.
  7. You need to skip all those types of alcohol that are mixed with any carbonated beverages as the bubbles of the carbonated beverages allow the alcohol to be absorbed much faster.
  8. There are studies being conducted regarding the effect of having a sun bath on getting cured of a hangover. But it has been proved that breathing as well as meditation exercises can help to get better oxygen flow and the pumping of blood in order to help in relieving stress.
  9. Eat scrambled eggs to stop hangover as eggs are a rich source of taurine, that helps in the liver damage which is a result of heavy drinking. These can be enriched with a lot of vegetables in order to provide antioxidants.
  10. You need to increase your intake of potassium in order to stop hangover. This can be done by snacking on foods that are rich in potassium, including banana and spinach.
  11. Sipping ginger tea can help to settle an upset stomach, which usually accompanies a hangover. This will also help to combat nausea.
  12. Do have your breakfast the next day. Since alcohol tends to drop your blood sugar, you can boost it back by having a glass of orange juice the next day.
  13. Get fresh air as the oxygen will increase the rate at which your alcohol toxins will get broken down. You may even do a little exercise in order to release endorphins that can boost your mood post a hangover.

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