How To Deal With a Life Crisis

This mid-life crisis gets a lot of publicity as a very cliched breakdown that many of us suffer around middle age – and particularly many men. However while it’s good that these mid life crises are getting so much attention, it’s crucial that we don’t forget that anyone can have a life crisis and that it’s just as serious when it happens in our teens or to women. In fact the ‘quarter life crisis’ is a very real problem that in particular many young people are feeling at the moment due in part to the economic climate and the general difficulty with finding employment or getting on the property ladder at the moment.

Whatever your age, whatever your gender, this is a serious problem and something that needs to be addressed. Here then we will look at how to deal with a life crisis and how to put yourself back in a positive frame of mind.

how to deal with a life crisis

What is a Life Crisis?

First of all let’s look at what a life crisis actually is and what brings them about. While any problem that causes you significant grief could be described as a crisis, generally the term is used to describe a certain restlessness that we can get when we feel like our life doesn’t measure up to what it could be or what we were hoping it would be. Likewise this can happen when we compare our lot in life with other people our age and don’t come out on top.

For instance lets say you always wanted to be a rock star and so you invested a lot of time and energy into your music. At some point if you don’t make it you’ll start to feel as though you’re never going to the be the success you thought you were, and you’ll find that other areas of your life have suffered. This is a common feeling when you reach middle age because the time you have remaining to fulfill your goals is diminished and you won’t have the energy or youthfulness you once had on your side. It’s common in your early twenties meanwhile because this is a time when you have to make decisions and preparations that will set you up for the rest of your life – which can feel like daunting pressure when you don’t know what the best course of action is.

How to Deal With a Life Crisis?

1. Avoid Comparing Your Life

One way to avoid a mid life crisis with all this in mind then is to simply try and avoid comparing your life in any way to that of other people. It’s easier said than done of course, but if you can stop looking to the media as a blueprint for how to live your life, and if you can stop comparing yourself to your friends then you’ll likely find that you can save yourself a lot of unhappiness. Judge your life only by your own expectations and by what you want and don’t let other people’s success affect you.

2. It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Always Wanted to Be

Likewise you can avoid a mid life crisis by keeping in mind the old adage that ‘it’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be’. This might sound like a nice bed-time story that’s unrealistic in the real world, but if you look at someone like Stallone it’s clearly possible even to be an action hero in your mid 60s.

And even if you’re never the huge success that you dreamed of being, you can still pursue the things you love in spirit. Just because you aren’t a rock star for instance you might find you get a lot of enjoyment out of just performing on YouTube and having a following that way, and even if you’re not an action hero you can be an extra in films which is a huge buzz for most of us… Crisis averted!

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