The Best Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety. Think Positive Thoughts and Whistle a Happy Tune

Anxiety attacks can be paralyzing. You feel palpitations, you begin to sweat excessively, your stomach starts to turn, you have difficulty breathing and in some cases, you may even pass out and lose consciousness for a few minutes.

Anxiety, if constant and extreme, therefore is no laughing matter.

Getting anxious however is quite a normal reaction such as when you’re about to go in front of an audience, when you’re planning an important event or when you’re expecting something to take place.

Fortunately there are natural ways to deal with anxiety without resorting to prescription drugs.

natural ways to deal with anxiety

5 Effective and Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety

1. Think Happy Thoughts

Thinking happy thoughts is probably the easiest one form all the natural ways to deal with anxiety.

You may have heard it before from other people you know, the one about thinking happy thoughts to relieve stress and worry? Perhaps you haven’t really tried it, yet, because you never took the advice seriously.

Well, the next time you feel anxious; try to recall a happy memory. Think of a happy occasion with your family or friends. As you are thinking these thoughts, acknowledge your anxiety and then slowly feel the happy memory replacing your anxiety with joy.

2. Whistle a Happy Tune

If you can’t whistle or listen to songs that make you happy or lift your mood. Some dance to the music while others quietly listen to soothing sounds while having tea. Music is an excellent mood booster.

Perhaps you can save all of your happy tunes in your portable music player so you can have these handy whenever and wherever.

3. Stay Positive

This is somewhat related to thinking happy thoughts but this natural way to deal with anxiety requires a bit more discipline and patience.

When you are anxious, you’re worried about certain things and when you’re worried, you doubt your ability to overcome obstacles. It’s a vicious cycle that happens on a daily basis for most of us.

You may think that it is easier to give in to anxiety than to veer your thoughts away from worry and think positive. On the outset, it does seem like it’s too much trouble but really, worrying is much more taxing.

The minute worry thoughts enter your mind, replace these with positive thoughts – thoughts such as you are bigger than whatever is worrying you, you can overcome any obstacle, defeat is not an option and so on.

You may even try reading books on positive thinking to get you started on the right footing.

4. Aromatherapy

Essential oils and scented candles can induce relaxation. The next time you feel anxiety starting to creep in, light a scented candle which has the essence of lavender, chamomile or sandalwood.

You may also put a few drops of essential oils in your bath water to help you feel more relaxed as you soak in the tub.

5. Talk to Loved Ones

It’s not healthy keeping things bottled up inside. Sooner or later, whatever you’ve been keeping inside will burst out and in most cases, these manifests in anger, violence, depression or worse, nervous breakdown.

If you are anxious about something, tell your confidant about it. Sometimes, friends and loved ones can help us look at things from an objective point of view which may reveal to us a better solution to whatever it is we are worried about.

Have you used any other natural ways to deal with anxiety – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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