Top 10 Foods that Relax Your Nerves

Are you looking for ways to relax your nerves and free your mind from the issues of life for a while? Then the good news is that you are reading the right article that will help do just that. In trying to relax your nerves, many think that you have to go with only meditation or yoga which happens to be mind relaxation exercises that get you to calm your mind, but there are other ways in which you can use to relax your mind and calm your nerves.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 foods that relax your nerves and calm your mind. Often times, people neglect the effects that food have in their mind, they feel that the only visible function that the food they eat performs is to make them healthy and strong. Of course that is one of the functions of food, but when you come to the point of using food as a means to relax your mind, you will find out that that there are many things that food can help you do and one of them is using them as a means of relaxation.

Learn How to Relax Yourself – Here are 10 Foods that Relax Your Nerves


The first food that relax your nerves is milk. Milk can be used as a mind relaxation food because it produces a calming effect on its subjects. Milk is known to contain tryptophan which helps to produce serotonin, which is a sleep inducing hormone, that is why health specialists recommend that you take a glass of milk before you go to bed, to help you get a good night’s rest. So if you are feeling a little bit anxious or you need to relax your nerves, just grab a glass of cold milk and wait to see effects.

foods that relax your nervesSoup

Soup is also among the best foods that relax your nerves. This works well because it helps to get rid of foreign bodies and infections from your body which are the main things that get many people uneasy. You should go with soups that contain vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers, carrots and you can also add garlic, spinach, thyme and many other ingredients that you could use to improve your well being.


This is a food that many people know and even many use but many don’t know that it can be used to relax the body and the mind. Honey is known to contain high in tryptophan and as stated before, this supplement helps to reduce anxiety and relax the nerve. Apart from this, honey is also known to be rich in potassium which has a soothing relieve on the brain and also the body. Potassium help to fight off stress hormones in the body and acids to relax the nervous system.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate helps to reduce stress levels in the brain and this can be done because it contains serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, which are great hormones for the mollifying of stress level in the brain. There are many foods that you can find that are great source of dark chocolate. It also enhances nervous and hormonal system function.


Seafood are another great set of food that relax your nerves because of their ability to release calming hormones in the brain. Seafood contain magnesium, zinc and selenium which are known to help increase the mood of the brain, also seafood contain omega-3, which is a fatty acid which also helps to produce calming hormone for the brain.

Banana and Avocado

There are two things that are involved in these two foods that relax your nerves, the first thing is that they are rich in potassium and the second thing is they contain the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires for effective functioning. These different food class help to release some hormones in the body that help in fighting stress hormones.

Brown Rice

Brown rice which is a complex carb help to release insulin which is a sleep inducing amino acid that help to relax the brain and produce relaxing hormones like serotonin and melatonin for the relaxation of the brain and the nervous system. Once you take brown rice, you will notice that you will start to feel drowsy, that is because of the various relaxation hormones it produces.

brown rice relaxes your nervesTea

Through the years, tea has been used as a food for relaxation and can still be used today for the same purpose, but the issue that tea seems to have is that many don’t know they can used it to relax their body and mind. Whether it is black, herbal or green tea, they all have the ability to produce relaxing hormones that will help your brain to relax. Green tea is known to contain flavonoids : apigenin and chrysin which act as sedatives in the body of its subjects.


Fruits high in vitamins are the most stress relieving foods that relax your nerves; the reason why they are the best fruits for relaxation is because they assist in converting tryptophan into serotonin, which are the main hormones that aid mind relaxation. The different fruits that are high in vitamins include, orange, banana, berries, mangoes, pineapple, apple, grape fruits, etc. if you can get your hands on some fruits whenever you feeling worn out and you want to calm yourself, you will get the results of what we are talking about which is relaxing your soul, mind and body.


Valerian which is seen all over Europe works a sedative that relieves anxiety and enhances your mood. You can take 150 mg daily. You can take this especially when you are having difficulty sleeping and getting your head to think straight. You should allow this particular food to work for weeks before you take another to get the full results.

NB! Consult your doctor before taking Valerian!

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There are many ways you can use to calm your brain from all the activities of life and these different foods listed above will help you do that. If you are thinking that it is only meditation and other medical means that you can use to relax and ease tension, then maybe you should go and try these different foods that relax your nerves.

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