Effective Good Mood Techniques – 10 Great Ways to Get Into a Good Mood

A positive attitude and a good mood can work wonders in your everyday life. Even when times are tough, it is important to maintain a pleasant mood in order to keep any problems from becoming worse. Scientific research has also indicated that being in a good mood can help prevent physical and mental illness. Here are 10 of the most effective good mood techniques. Try these good mood techniques and there is a good chance you´ll be in a better mood in no time.

effective good mood techniques

10 Effective Good Mood Techniques

1. Do Something Fun

Obviously this is one of the most effective good mood techniques. Partaking in a fun activity may seem especially difficult if you are depressed, but it is important to motivate yourself to do things you enjoy in order to change your outlook. Fun activities may include getting together with friends, seeing a movie or visiting a local attraction. You may even wish to engage in an exciting activity that pushes your limits such as rock climbing or an adventure hike in order to completely take your mind off of what’s got you down.

2. Forget About the Past

Dwelling on unpleasant past experiences can quickly sour your mood and keep you locked in a state of depression and even trauma. It is important to remember that these unpleasant experiences are no longer present in your life. Holding on to these bad memories can also make you feel angry, which can exacerbate health problems such as high blood pressure, stomach aches and headaches. Getting rid of certain tangible objects from that period of your life is one of the best good mood techniques when trying to let go of the past. You may also wish to avoid visiting certain places that bring up the bad memories.

3. Exercise

Medical studies have shown that exercise is a very effective good mood technique – it can put you in a better mood by causing the brain to release certain feel-good chemicals. Exercise also creates a distraction from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. The unhealthy breathing patterns often associated with stress and other unpleasant feeling can also be corrected. The firming of muscles and the loss of excess body fat resulting from regular exercise is likely to put you in a frequently good mood as well. Exercise additionally gives you the chance to improve your mood by allowing you to meet new friends at the gym or in workout groups. You can even save money on your favorite workout program and accessories.

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4. Take Care of Health Issues

Lingering health issues often lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. The physical pain caused by certain medical problems can also dampen your mood. You might find yourself putting off seeing a doctor due to time constraints or lack of finances. It is important, however, to take care of these health issues as soon as possible in order to put yourself into a better frame of mind. Not taking care of these problems can lead to more serious health issues. Remember, your health is the most important thing in your life.

5. Eat Certain Foods

Certain foods have been linked to improved moods and better mental health. The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon have been known to balance moods as well as improve overall brain functions. Leafy greens can also reduce stress levels and combat depression. Levels of serotonin, which is a chemical known to induce feelings of happiness, can be improved with the amino acids found in turkey and chicken. Other foods good for the mood include whole grains, chocolate and walnuts.

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6. Talk it Out

Expressing your feelings and addressing your concerns with others is also one of the best good mood techniques. Even though it may seem initially unpleasant to let these feelings out, expressing yourself can make you feel much better in the end. You may even consider talking to a licensed therapist or other type of mental health professional who can help you sort out your feelings.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is linked to unpleasant moods and can even cause certain mental disorders. Most medical professionals recommend getting eight hours of sleep each night. You should tune out all distractions and give yourself some relaxation time before going to bed in order for your body and mind to calm down. If you are having trouble sleeping, a warm glass of milk before bedtime or a dose of a natural sleep medication can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

8. Adequate Lighting

Simply surrounding yourself with adequate lighting can quickly put you into good mood. Basking in the warm sunshine is one of the best natural ways to get the light you need. However, finding adequate sunlight may be especially difficult during the dark days of winter. Fortunately, certain lights on the market have been specifically designed to mimic the rays of the sun and can give you the light you need even on the bleakest winter days.

9. Pleasant Music

Pleasant music has a soothing effect and is able to calm the mind and improve your mood. Soft and surreal music often does the trick. Playing songs with positive messages is also advisable. Listening to a nostalgic song linked to pleasant memories is another way to get into a good mood. Singing along with certain songs can also help you release some stress.

10. Volunteer

Volunteering in your local community is a great way to take your mind off of troubling thoughts while giving back to others. The sense of goodwill and the happiness you bring to others will likely give you a sense of confidence and self-worth. The praise you receive from others for your good deeds will also likely improve your mood.

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Using different good mood techniques and putting yourself into a better frame of mind does not have to be a difficult task. Always striving to maintain a good mood is sure to improve your lifestyle and can also make the world a better place.

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