How to Live a Stress Free Life – Here are 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Less Stressful

It’s no secret that we’re stressed with the weight that life places on us. Responsibilities, anticipation for future events, unforeseen circumstances, family, friends, work, school – it all plays into negative and positive stress. What many people do not realize is how in control you can be over how you react to all of the above. You are the key to unlocking ease, lightheartedness, excitement and more in your life. Take a moment and allow yourself to live a stress free life because you deserve to do so and can make that happen with a little self evaluation and actualization. Find out how to live a stress free life. Here are 10 simple tips you can use to make your life stress free.

how to live a stress free life

How to Live a Stress Free Life – 10 Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life

1. Know Yourself

Create a list of things that make you happy each day. Take an inventory of events throughout the day that brightened your circumstance or alleviated stress. Take mental note of the things that drain you and put you in a bad mood. Try comparing lists from weeks before and see how you’ve lightened your load and realize the way your perspective can change with such a task as this.

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2. Be Grateful

It’s very difficult to feel grateful and stressed at the same time. To live a stress free life practice verbalizing “Thank You” to people that do large and small things for you in daily circumstances. Place reminders around you to be audibly gracious for things in your life. Make lists. Share your gratitude. Implement an attitude of gratitude lifestyle. Make it first nature.

3. Prioritize

Think one on one and one by one. One on one time with people – one by one tasks to accomplish. It disperses your energy in a focused and more dedicated manor. You will see the quality of your performance and relationships go up while your stress will go down.

4. Home Base

To live a stress free life, you should give yourself a reality check from time to time. Bring it back home and remind yourself what really matters. People matter. Things don’t. Take responsibility for things that you can control and accept what you cannot. Change will happen. Don’t get overwhelmed. So often we stress ourselves out by talking up situations in our own minds. Take life a moment at a time and little by little you can have positive life changes implemented and you’ll be able to live a stress free life on purpose and be proud of it.

5. Interact

Make time for people like you do for work. Plan dates like you do appointments that you’d never dream of missing. Place relationships as the highest priority in your life. If you don’t have solid friendships and connections with other people than not much else matters. Healthy relationships have been proven to increase your health and relieve stress. Having a steady support system is vital to stress free life.

6. Release

Write down how you feel. Releasing feelings and tension from your body, whether it be vocally or in a written format allows you to release a degree of the emotion attached with the circumstances and provides an environment for you to self actualize and analyze the situation and yourself. Be open to finding out quirks about yourself that you may not like but may then acknowledge and attempt to fix. The situation may not change at all but the act of releasing feelings in itself allows you to feel a little lighter because it’s not all bottled up inside.

live stress free life7. Meditate

Have your own mantra. Memorize it. Memorize your favorite quote, scripture, compliment – whatever it may be, make it something that invigorates your mind and stimulates the notion that you are strong and you can do hard things. Think of your favorite song and how it makes you feel. Visualize a favorite vacation spot or a dream getaway.

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8. Tread Lightly

Focus on your carriage -be poised and walk with an air of confidence. No animosity. Surprisingly, the world can tell when you’re upset. Crazy, huh? Walk lightly and refer to the above tactic to live a stress free life.

9. Enjoy Drive Time

We spend so much time in transit to and from work, school, appointments, events and more. This is time you don’t have to spend wasted; listen to books on tape, review things to look forward to over the course of the week in your head, practice patience and breathing techniques, and more! You’ll find traffic doesn’t seem like such a burden anymore.

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10. News Filter

The media is really good at aggrandizing pitiful events. Change your mindset on how you’ll absorb the news feed. That doesn’t mean to stay out of the press and not keep up on current events, but rather to seek stimulating conversation to cope with difficult topics in the news, review various points of view on major headlines, and look for the positive in every story. It benefits no one to harp on the negative and not give credit to good will still out there. Embrace the accessibility of the media but don’t let it penetrate your daily routine in a negative way.

What are your tips – how do you live a stress free life – feel free to share in the comments.

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