10 Essential Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bath

It’s common knowledge that bathing in a nice warm relaxing bath stimulates blood circulation and will help you to relax. Indeed, the National Sleep Foundation promotes bathing before bed as a way to encourage sleep.

With the benefits of a relaxing bath clear, I have comprised a list of the 10 essential tips for creating the most relaxing bath.

relaxing bath

How to Prepare a Relaxing Bath: 10 Steps

1. Create the Perfect Setting

Now’s your time to get creative by ditching those wall lights and other electrical lighting features. Instead, go back to basics with an old-fashioned candle; tea lights are ideal here as they are small and inexpensive, allowing you to decorate your entire bathroom with them.

Just make sure you keep them away from anything which could catch fire: that wouldn’t be very relaxing!

2. Choose Some Relaxing Music

Music and relaxation go hand-in-hand, so be sure to select some nice, calming music. Of course it’s easy to reach for the nearest ‘Sounds of the Rainforest’ CD, but you’ll soon get bored of that so choose music you actually like.

The important thing is to make sure you know the music you select before taking it for a spin. While a band with a name like Nirvana may sound ideal for creating a tranquil environment, after 30 seconds you’ll find yourself wanting to jump out of the bath and change the CD!

3. Don’t Forget the Snacks

When trying to have a relaxing bath, the last thing you want is to get hungry. To avoid this, ensure you have your favorite snacks within arm’s reach and that they are as far away from the bath as possible. After all, you wouldn’t want your sandwich falling in the water and having soggy bread floating around with you.

4. Choose the Optimal Temperature

Although it may sound like I have been reading ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ a bit too much, it is important to ensure your bath is neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. Too cold will leave you feeling sick, whereas too hot will leave you feeling light-headed and drowsy.

The optimal water temperature is 33.3⁰C and it’s important to not have anything above 38.3⁰C: this will be too hot and actually counterproductive to creating a relaxing bath.

5. Introduce Some Relaxing Bath Oils

Mixing bath oils with water has rejuvenating qualities and there are specific oils designed to target certain relaxation zones.

If you are feeling tired, choose Lavender Oil which is renowned for encouraging sleep; or if you are feeling anxious, Sandalwood Oil will help alleviate this feeling.

Those are just a few examples, but whichever one you choose you will need to add about 10 drops when the bath is half-run: this will allow it to evenly distribute and will provide enough scent to fill the entire bathroom.

6. Support Your Head!

As obvious as it may seem, if you are working tirelessly to make your bathroom a relaxing environment, don’t forget about your own comfort. Whilst you may have space to lie back, you may not have a comfortable place to support your neck.

The solution is simple: fold a couple of towels to create your own pillow.

7. Conduct a Self-Massage

Although a self-massage may sound a bit tragic, nobody knows your aches and pains like yourself. The classic tennis ball massage works wonders here and involves resting the ball against a solid surface and exerting pressure directly onto it. As you are submersed in water, you will be able to easily control the pressure you exert.

8. Treat Yourself to a Face Mask

To truly relax, you must completely pamper yourself and a simple face mask is an easy way to do this. Face masks will cleanse and nourish your skin; but if you don’t fancy buying one, make one out of items you have lying around your house.

9. Avoid Dehydration

You’ll be amazed at just how much you will sweat in a hot relaxing bath, even for just 15 minutes. You therefore need to ensure you don’t dehydrate; failure to do so won’t be relaxing, but rather stressful.

To avoid this, ensure you have a glass of cool water at hand in case you get thirsty. It is also useful to keep a flannel and a jug of cool water close-by; if you feel yourself getting sweaty, you can then quickly create a cold compress for your forehead.

10. If All Else Fails…Have a Red Wine Bath

With this last tip I’m not referring to having a glass of red wine while you bathe, as that goes without saying; but, mixing the wine with the bath water. This will not only smell divine, but will keep your skin looking fresh as the polyphenols found in the red wine grapes are great antioxidants.

You’ll be relieved to know you won’t need to use the whole bottle, but simply one glass. Although it may sound odd, Teri Hatcher swears by it and actually rubs the sediments that gather at the bottom of the tub over her body.


About the Author: Paul is a full time blogger for Splashdirect where he aims to make life easier for the average person through a series of DIY tips and buyer’s guides.

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