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Must-Follow Health Advice For People Working On Computers All Day

health while working behind computer

We live at a time when physical activity has taken a nosedive, while strangely, the pace of life itself has significantly increased. Technological advances which improve our lives and reduce workload, demands less physical and more mental activity from us. While computers have gotten the world closer, it has also contributed to a number of […]

Pursuing A Computer Based Career – How To Overcome The Health Hazards

computer based career

Today’s employment opportunities and career paths have diversified greatly since the days when one was either a farmer, or an iron worker in a factory. The internet has provided the means for many people to find their dream form of employment. For many individuals this means working online from home, or wherever they feel comfortable. […]

6 Healthy Snack Ideas For Work


The working day is long and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy balanced diet throughout the eight or nine hour working day unless it is carefully planned. We all snack at work, and we need to. Studies show that eating regularly decent portion sizes, as in every four hours keeps our metabolism in […]

5 Things To Try When You Experience Occasional Back Pain

occasional back pain

Occasional back pain is a common problem suffered by almost everyone at some point in life, though the intensity of course might vary. Just by knowing that you are not suffering alone, will not solve your problem. However, you can derive some relief owing to the fact that since so many people suffers from occasional […]

12 Healthy Habits For A Healthier Life

healthier life by eating carrots

So many people struggle to live a healthier life because they’re under the impression that they have to make drastic changes in every aspect of their life. Forget about the over the top, intimidating goals of losing weight and getting healthy. The key to living a healthier life is to focus on making small changes […]

9 Things Chiropractor Can Do For A Better You


Back pain represents one of the most common physical problems faced by people, with millions each year complaining of problems. There are addictive medications and dangerous, invasive surgeries that can try to alleviate the daily pain; but could there be a better option as well? You’ve no doubt heard of a chiropractor by now, so […]

8 Reasons Why Your Life Is Beautiful

life is beautiful

Once in a while, many of us adopt a very reflective state of mind in which we think critically about all the things we are grateful for. Doing this is a good idea since contemplating why our lives are so wonderful can precipitate good moods and subsequently cause us to make positive contributions to the […]

4 Negative Thoughts No One Should Be Thinking

negative thoughts

Whether you class yourself as a pessimist or an optimist, we all have negative thoughts run through our minds every now and again. And although the odd fleeting piece of negativity is unlikely to affect your life too much; when this starts to become more regular and the negative thoughts get stronger, it can have […]

The Truth Behind 5 Popular Health And Wellness Myths

truth behind health and wellness myths

Behind every ad promising thinner thighs in 5 days or “abs of steel” in only minutes a day, hides the truth. Yet as obesity becomes more prevalent, more people are getting sucked in by “too good to be true” ads. These offers typically perpetuate the myth that getting health is as easy as taking a […]

What Are The Benefits And Uses Of Triphala Churna

Triphala churna powder

Although it might sound as a cliché, health is essential for leading a normal life. We often need to bring back the balance in our health condition and a good supplement – like  Triphala Churna – can be extremely helpful for such an endeavor.

Is Your Job Hurting You? 5 Signs Of Repetitive Stress Injury

repetitive stress injury

Getting a repetitive stress injury can make it very difficult to perform your job on a daily basis, and it can also have a negative impact on the overall quality of your life. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you can use to help reduce the strain that is being placed on your body. For […]