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Prevention, Cure And Causes Of Stiff Neck In Morning

stiff neck in morning

You had a good night’s sleep, and just when you are about to start your day, you wake up with a throbbing pain in your neck. You can’t move it around, and when somebody calls you, you need to move your whole body to face that direction. Any sudden twist is sure to cause immense […]

Top 15 Fruits And Vegetables For Energy BOOST

red pepper - vegetables for energy boost

Energy plays a key role in our day to day to activities. After all, energy is the sole reason why we can finish anything we desire to do on a day. However, there might be instances when you think that your body’s energy is, for the lack of a better word, lacking. Worse, you might […]

Good Foods To Eat When Dehydrated

celery - good food to eat when dehydrated

What is dehydration? The human body is composed of around 60 to 70 percent of water in weight. When the water content of the body dips lower than that, dehydration can occur. This happens when the amount of water lost through excretion is more than what is consumed. Water is a very important element in […]

Mental Health Benefits Of Walking – Go For a Walk and Your Brain Will Benefit Greatly

mental health benefits of walking

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times that walking is excellent for the body for it is often called the “perfect exercise.” It may seem astonishing it how walking can be so energizing and revitalizing to one’s body. In addition, mental health benefits of walking such as uplifting your confidence and regulating your mood have […]

6 Reasons To Unplug Yourself From Technology (And How To Do It)

unplug yourself from technology

In the beginning, cellular phones and personal computers were only considered tools to help people go about their daily lives and work; and then the internet came along. Ever since then, a lot of different sites from social networking to video hosting sites have emerged. And the invention of Facebook has not made the craze […]

10 Reasons To Drink Tea With Lemon And Honey

drink tea with lemon and honey

Tea is an aromatic beverage and it has long been promoted for having a variety of positive health benefits. Honey improves our immune system and it has a carbohydrate content that can supply strength to the body, while lemon is rich in vitamin C. If you combine tea with lemon and honey you can gain […]

7 Ways Sitting Down All Day Is Killing You And What You Can Do About It

sitting down all day is killing you

Believe it or not, sitting down all day can be hazardous to your health and even shorten your life, especially if you have a desk job that requires you to sit for hours at a time or you are the proverbial “couch potato” that watches TV all day. Basically, sitting has replaced smoking as the […]

Did You Know Herbs Can Heal Injuries?

valerian root

NB! Consult your doctor before trying any of these alternative therapies. If you’re recovering from an injury, you already know that the healing process can be slow and painful. There are also the repeated doctor’s visits, possible physiotherapy and even numerous medications to take — all which can add up to a great deal of […]

Must-Follow Health Advice For People Working On Computers All Day

health while working behind computer

We live at a time when physical activity has taken a nosedive, while strangely, the pace of life itself has significantly increased. Technological advances which improve our lives and reduce workload, demands less physical and more mental activity from us. While computers have gotten the world closer, it has also contributed to a number of […]

Pursuing A Computer Based Career – How To Overcome The Health Hazards

computer based career

Today’s employment opportunities and career paths have diversified greatly since the days when one was either a farmer, or an iron worker in a factory. The internet has provided the means for many people to find their dream form of employment. For many individuals this means working online from home, or wherever they feel comfortable. […]

6 Healthy Snack Ideas For Work


The working day is long and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy balanced diet throughout the eight or nine hour working day unless it is carefully planned. We all snack at work, and we need to. Studies show that eating regularly decent portion sizes, as in every four hours keeps our metabolism in […]