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How To Improve Blood Circulation In Hands And Feet

improve blood circulation in hands and feet

The normal blood circulation goes through every single nook and cranny in the human body. This serves several purposes: for delivery of nutrients to cells, transport of well needed oxygen, a waste management system for metabolic toxins, a passage highway for quick travel by antibodies, and even for the distribution of warmth and body heat. […]

How To Avoid Wrist Pain While Typing

wrist pain when typing

People who work in the office normally use computers. Using computers undoubtedly helps employees do their work more efficiently and faster. Using such electronic devices usually involves some of its common usage such as clicking and typing. But spending the whole day sitting down while typing and clicking may also not be a very good […]

How To Prevent Upper Back Pain

how to prevent upper back pain

Back pain is a common problem experienced by all people regardless of age, gender or race. It is the most common cause of disability in people less than forty-five years old. Back symptoms are expensive health problems because it incurs direct health care expenses and costs due to productivity loss that amounts to approximately a […]

How To Overcome Unwanted Negative Thoughts

overcome unwanted negative thoughts

We all have good day and bad days. Sometimes we wake up feeling like the birds outside are chirping a special tune just for us; the flowers bloom to brighten up our day; and that everything in the world will turn out just as we want it to. On the other hand, there are also […]

12 Ways To Release The Happy Hormones “Endorphins”

release endorphines

Among the most vital hormones produced by the anterior pituitary gland is endorphin. The main function of this chemical is to cause lasting happiness and satisfaction. It could also serve as an analgesic, or a substance that reduces the sensation of pain. There are several ways by which endorphins can naturally be released in the […]

How To Fall Asleep Easier And Have Relaxing Dreams

relaxing dreams

Since the beginning of time, people have had dreams while they sleep and in recent decades, our fascination with them has led to a considerable amount of research about their content. On the one hand, we are disappointed when we wake up from a dream in which our fantasies have become a reality. Conversely, we […]

6 Tips For Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment

good sleep environment

If you’ve ever struggled to explain your insomnia, have you considered that your sleep environment could be the one thing that is keeping you up at night? Of course sometimes we will wake up to the sound of the dripping faucet or barking dogs in the neighborhood that disturb our slumber, but there are other […]

Stress-free Vacation: 4 Simple Steps To A Relaxing Getaway

relaxing getaway

Going on vacation is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but there are several things that can actually cause you to deal with high levels of stress. Fortunately, it is easy to utilize stress reducing techniques that can help provide you with the perfect relaxing getaway. Keep in mind that taking advantage of these tips […]

How To Sleep Better: 10 Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

sleep better

Good sleep is a guarantee of a good health, but not many people care about their sleep. It is just perceived as a natural process, and even if there’s a sleep deprivation, we don’t hurry to change it for better. A self-treatment is the approach of majority to this problem. It’s not harmful, if you […]

10 Small Things You Can Do To Be Happier Tomorrow

how to be happier tomorrow

Where do you picture yourself, while you paint your imagination with your happiness? Lemme guess, in the middle of a sand filled land, flanked by the glittering blue waters of the magnanimous sea. It might be right there in your garden, attaining eternal bliss in watering your plants. So many of you would envision a […]

10 Things You Can Do To Stay Optimistic In Life

stay optimistic in life

Sometimes, even if you are doing the right thing in your life, you find yourself not being contented or you feel unfair. As if the universe conspires to betray your hopes and dreams. Life is not fair, that’s everyone says and you kind of agree with that. Things may be shallow or deep, but whatever […]