Customer Testimonials

Here is a small fragment of all the testimonials we have received from our customers. Buy yourself your very own Relaxation Mat and send us your testimonial. How this mat has helped you?

Melanie, Finland, Helsinki.
Relaxing on the mat has become a pleasant part of our family evening routine. In the beginning my husband was a little bit dubious, but after trying it, all the doubts scattered.

Anne, Estonia, Tallinn.
The relaxation mat is a great gift idea. Nice design plus healthiness and naturalness together.

Mari, Estonia, Tartu.
The mat was given to me for my birthday. As I have a sitting job, it was just what I needed. Now my whole family is trying to borrow my mat – husband, brother, mom… We really love it and we are really pleased with its effect.

Carolina, Sweden, Stockholm.
I bought the mat after I had my second child. I must say, the mat had a really positive effect on my bag. Also, lying on the mat was really relaxing. Most of the times I was really close to falling asleep.

Nancy, USA, New York.
I am a big eco fan and this was a perfect add on to my eco products “collection”. It really is as natural as it is said on the home page. In addition, it is very relaxing to lie on the mat.

Martha, USA, Texas.
You just have to love this mat. Almost every time I am lying on the mat I fall asleep. And my back feels much better. Super.

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