5 Foods that Cause Stress

It is common to find yourself stressed at one point of your life for one reason or another. Most times the stressful situation blows over and life is back to normal gain whereby the regular activities are tackled well. However, for some people the stress keeps on recurring and they cannot seem to put a […]

How to Manage Stress and Blood Sugar Levels

The best way to manage stress and blood sugar levels or any health problem is to understand first the root causes that make the condition happen. In the case of diabetes and stress, studies have shown that the sudden release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol is identified as the link between the two. It […]

Be the Boss of Your Health. 5 Tips to Stay Fit at Work

For many individuals, the corporate environment is usually best handled with a side order of sweets, energy drinks and caffeine shots. Many high school graduates who participate in multiple sporting activities are shocked when their high-calorie diet leads to excess weight gain in the workplace; no longer able to stay fit amidst the demanding project […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water. Why Coconut Water Is Ideal For The Body?

Have you ever tried drinking coconut water? If not, then it’s about time you did. There’s a perfectly good reason why the coconut tree is called the tree of life and subsequently, the coconut as the fruit of life. Coconut can give the body lots of nutritional and health benefits that no other single fruit […]

Foods that Burn Belly Fat: Are You Eating These?

People are indeed desperate to lose belly fat and some go to the extent of grossly under-eating or even starving for days together but with no appreciable results. One thing is clear – losing belly fat is a formidable task and extreme steps are not going to yield the desired results. This leads to the […]