6 Easy Relaxation Techniques for Stress

Different relaxation techniques are a great way to bring some positivity in your life. If you are looking for simple ways to cope with daily stress, use these easy relaxation techniques for stress outlined below. There´s a great chance you´ll feel better in no time. 6 Quick and Easy Relaxation Techniques for Stress (that work […]

The Healing Power of Human Touch

Sometimes when I have a bad day, I just know that a hug from a friend will make everything better. The idea of human touch having some healing power is such a nice thought. Getting a hug or even a kind pat on the back can change an entire experience from negative to positive, but […]

Benefits of hugging a tree

Have you ever thought about hugging a tree? Most probably you have, as you you are here and point interest in the benefits of hugging a tree. Some people believe that the benefits of hugging a tree mostly depend on what you believe in – maybe. But there are some common characteristics we can point […]

The Health Benefits of Hugging

Hugging is an extremely positive form of communication. It expresses the values of love, approval, gratitude and forgiveness. Hugging is a great form of emotional satisfaction, but it also has some surprising health benefits. In this article we will share with you the health benefits of hugging – the ones you probably haven´t thought about. […]