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Clever tips to watch less TV

tips to watch less TV

In this article we are going to cover 5 tips to watch less TV. Follow those tips and do something else instead of watching TV, you will be much happier and relaxed. At first it may feel strange that TV is off, but soon you will get used to it. 5 clever tips to watch […]

Benefits of visualization

benefits of visualization

Visualization is probably one of the easiest and cheapest way to relieve stress. But there are also other important benefits of visualization. These benefits of visualization covered in this article should convince you to try it and live a happier and calmer life. As a short conclusion, we can say that visualization helps you to […]

How to relax while driving

relax while driving

Most of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Driving a car can be very stressful situation, but there are some things you can do to relax while driving. Try those tips and relax while driving: driving home will be much more pleasant you will be much more relaxed when you get home […]

Good standing posture

good standing posture

Just recently we wrote a post about health benefits of good posture. In this post we will dig deeper and talk about good standing posture. 8 most important and easy things you can do to achieve good standing posture Hold your head straight and chin in, so that the highest point of your body is […]

The best eco friendly gifts in 2011

eco friendly gifts natural relaxation mat

We put together a small group of eco enthusiasts and specialists and asked them choose the best eco friendly gifts for 2011. Now we are delighted to share this list with you. Hopefully this selection of eco friendly gifts gives you ideas and this year there will be at least some eco friendly gift in […]

Relaxation tips for long flights

Relaxation tips for long flights

In this post we will share with you the most effective jet simple relaxation tips for long flights. Read, use and enjoy flying. 9 most effective relaxation tips for long flights Take a neck pillow with you. This is one of the relaxation tips for long flights you should think about before going on a […]

Watermelon health benefits

watermelon health benefits

Earlier we have talked about different health benefits of relaxation. One important ingredient of relaxed life is good health. Today we will share with you one simple tip for good health – eat watermelon. The watermelon health benefits are really great. No matter how you eat it, it is packed with some of the most […]

Health benefits of relaxation

health benefits of relaxation

Relaxation is essential for good health and well-being. By practicing different relaxation techniques you let your body and mind to unwind. In this post we will cover the most important health benefits of relaxation. The most important health benefits of relaxation By practicing different relaxation techniques, you will slower your heart rate and lower your […]