In Times Of Stress, Be Good To Yourself and Practice Self-Love

When we are overwhelmed or overworked, it may seem counter-intuitive to take time away from whatever is on our minds to focus on ourselves. But being good to yourself – through the basics of sufficient rest, proper nutrition, and substantial exercise, as well as doing things you enjoy – is a vital part of maintaining […]

Instant Calm – 7 Fast & Fun Ways to Lower Stress Instantly

Train delayed again, internet crashed at a vital moment, tight deadline at work, not to mention the pile of unopened bills on your doormat; it’s going to be another one of ‘those days’. When life feels like an uphill struggle get back on track by following these 7 tried and tested tips to lower stress […]

How To Deal With Stress Through Healthy Foods

Understanding How Foods Regulate Blood Sugar Few people are aware that they can actually eat foods to help them deal with stress in their everyday life. When you eat food especially the right types of foods and the right micro nutrient ratios you actually regulate blood sugar. This is done by increasing metabolism. When you […]

De-Stress Your Mind and Body – Top Tips to Cope with Stress

Life can sometimes be a maelstrom of family, socializing, studying, work and many other things. A combination of any of the above is occasionally a recipe to make you wish you could stop the world and get off for a little while, just to gain some sense of clarity and time. Learning tips to cope […]

How to Stay Calm at the Dentist

The dentist instils fear and anxiety in a large number of people. It can be extremely difficult for patients to keep calm, especially once they reach the waiting room and the familiar sounds and smells of the surgery hit them. Dental anxiety is more common than you think and it is understandable that you will […]

Stress and Sleep – A Vicious Cycle That Needs to Be Broken

We’ve all had those sleepless nights that seem to never end–the tossing, the turning, the long to-do lists constantly running through your head, the thoughts in your mind that just won’t stop racing, and the counting of dwindling hours until it’s time to “wake up”. While lack of sleep can result in a sluggish tomorrow, […]

How to Minimize Stress – 4 Tips to Staying Happy & Healthy

So you’re not the type to sit in a field and meditate for two hours when you feel stressed. Instead, to minimize stress, you prefer to throw things, scream at anyone who’s closest to you, and basically provide the people around you with a feeling of secondhand embarrassment (you know, when someone else genuinely feels […]

Using Prayer Beads to De-stress

Prayer beads are used by religions all over the world to help their followers meditate on spiritual truths. The specific layout of prayer beads and truths they teach vary from one religion to another. However, all religious teachers that use them realize that prayer beads can help people increase their concentration and reduce their stress. […]