Reduce Stress Before Sleep For Your Best Possible Rest

Sleep is the body’s way of healing and restoring balance to all of its vital systems and workings. When we get enough quality sleep, we can meet the challenges of every day with a degree of confidence and ease that is not possible without the right quality and quantity of sleep we need. If we […]

Drinking Milk Before Bed – What are the Health Benefits?

Milk, to some, may be nothing more than the white stuff you pour on your cereal every morning, but in fact, it offers many surprising health benefits, especially when drinking milk before bed. The Most Important Benefits of Drinking Milk Before Bed Helps You Fall Asleep Milk contains the chemical tryptophan, which can induce sleepiness […]

Zzzz: Tips and Tricks – How to Get Better Sleep Naturally

If you struggle to get enough sleep each night, you probably have a hard time getting out of your bed each morning. Improving the quality of your sleep will help you attack each day with plenty of energy and renewed vigor. Simple additions to your bedroom and changes to your behavior can make a big […]

How to Get Better Sleep – INFOGRAPHIC

Here is a great infographic about how to get better sleep – A Fairy Tale Guide To Getting To Sleep. If you have one friend—just one friend—that you think can benefit from this infographic, be so kind and share it. You will be thanked! NB! If you want to know more about how to get […]

How to Calculate Your Ideal Sleeping Time

Getting the correct amount of sleep each night is extremely important for everyone. This is because sleeping is crucial as it is the time when the body rests and repairs itself. Everyone knows the feeling of waking up after a good night’s sleep and feeling refreshed and raring to go. Most people can also relate […]

Improve How You Sleep by Changing What You Eat

Even though the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 60 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder, little consensus seems to exist about the best way to treat them. While there might not be a definite solution to sleeping better at night, there are several steps you can take to help […]

Things You Didn`t Know About Sleep!

The human body has been programmed to spend a certain amount of time asleep and this is part of the normal functioning of the brain. There are different levels of sleep and the body needs a specific amount of deep sleep to function properly. We will spend about 30 % of our lives asleep and […]

6 Good Sleep Habits Recommend for Better Health

It can be difficult to make time for all of your priorities. There are the obvious ones: work, bills, taking care of your home, family and friends. Managing all of these responsibilities can be difficult. So it’s easy to see why many people forget one of the most important priorities of all: good sleep habits. […]

How to reduce stress before college exams?

Exams are coming up and you have tons of books to read, notes to review and papers to submit. What do you do? College life can be very stressful especially when there are so many things to work on with so little time. Stress can trigger health problems both physical and mental. As a student, […]