17 Benefits of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is defined as the practice of trying to change your thoughts with the end goal of positively affecting your surroundings. There are several ways that you can do creative visualization although the main principle surrounding it is often the same. The basic objective of creative visualization is to enhance one’s surroundings through positive […]

How to Prepare Yourself for a Stressful Situation

To remain calm in a stressful situation, it is essential to prepare for it. Here are five steps you have to take to prepare yourself for a stressful situation. By following these steps you make all stressful situations less stressful and easier to overcome. 5 Steps You Need to Take to Prepare Yourself for a […]

What To Do When You Are Depressed

Are you feeling unhappy and depressed? Do you have the following question spinning in your head: What to do when you are depressed? Fortunately for you, this question will be answered in the article below. Follow those simple tips and there´s a good chance you´ll feel better in no time. What To Do When You […]

5 Ways To Relax Without Using Prescription Drugs

According to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in 2010 approximately 16 million Americans used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons. The most commonly abused prescription drugs include opioids, morphine derivatives, stimulants and depressants. Many people abuse prescription drugs for various reasons. For example, they may use Benzodiazepines to relax. However, there are better […]

Visualization exercise video

Visualization is something you should definitely try. It is easy, free and most probably leaves you with a good feeling about yourself and your goals in life. Here is a great visualization exercise video. Follow these steps in the visualization exercise video and let us know – how did it work. Visualization exercise video Visualization […]

How to visualize what you want

Visualization is an easy way to relieve stress, boost your self-confidence and get inspiration. To get the best result you have to do it right. In this post you will find simple tips about how to visualize what you want. Use those tips, enjoy visualization and benefit from it. How to visualize what you want […]