First Time Getting a Massage! 5 Things That Are Not As Awkward As You Think

There is plenty of misconception about massage and the folks who administer them. The practice of massage therapy is reputable, popular, and hugely beneficial for the healthy and ill alike, but sometimes it is portrayed as a not-so-subtle cover for sexual services. In addition to this misplaced perception are fears of how massage therapists will […]

Could the Ancient Art of Massage Leave You More Relaxed and Happier?

Which will provide you with greater long term happiness: treating yourself to a massage or to a new flat-screen TV? You may be surprised to learn that, according to a psychological study conducted by Cornell University, New York, the memories of a destressing massage will bring greater satisfaction and contentment over time than the purchase […]

Using Massage to Relax After a Stressful Day at Work

The world has become very hectic and as you work each day, the stress of making ends meet can be extremely stressful. Tension and stress can affect a person in many negative ways and you may not even recognize it. Typical symptoms are headaches, poor sleep, muscle tension or pain, fatigue and mood changes with […]